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2 day spirituality tour to Nabusímake from Valledupar

Cesar, Colombia

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Basic Information 2 day spirituality tour to Nabusímake from Valledupar

Explore and learn about all the customs of the Arhuaco Indians, descendants of the Tayrona civilization in Nabusímake, the capital of this indigenous tribe located in the eastern part of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, three hours from the city of Valledupar. Walk through its streets, admire its houses made of wattle and daub, stone and straw. Immerse yourself in a spiritual and nature connection experience for two days.

Duration time: 2 days.

Start time and place: 5:00 am - Hotel or Gobernación del Cesar.

Time and place where it ends: 6:00 pm - Hotel or Gobernación del Cesar.

Day 1:

Our two-day spiritual experience to Nabusímake begins in Valledupar, from where we will leave at 5:00 am to Pueblo Bello, where we will have a typical breakfast, as well as a visit to the market and the interpretation center of the Arhuacos to start filling ourselves with this beautiful indigenous culture. From there we'll go to Nabusimake by private vehicle. On the way we will stop at different points of interest to do activities related to archaeology, geology and landscape observation.

Around 11:30 in the morning we will be arriving at our destination, where we will rest a bit, have a typical lunch made with products from their garden and in the afternoon we will do a cultural reconnaissance, visit the ethnic school, the sacred well of the Nabusímake River, the organic crops and the wuraku of love.

In the evening we will have our dinner with organic coffees and aromatic waters, then a cultural talk and finally at 10:00 pm, we will go to our cabin to rest.


Day 2:

The second day in Nabusímake starts at 6:00 am for those who want to have a swim in the river and take pictures, then at 7 we will go to have breakfast and after this start the tour of the culture and nature in the lower region of the village.

We will return at 12:00 noon to have lunch and prepare for the return to Pueblo Bello and finally to Valledupar arriving at approximately 6:00 pm to finish our spiritual tour to Nabusímake.

  • Private transport.
  • Certified guide in the Arhuaca culture.
  • Accommodation in a typical cabin
  • Food during the whole tour.
  • Walk and visit the places described in the itinerary.
  • Entrance to the settlement.
  • Cultural talk.
  • Travel assistance card.
  • Individual consultation with the Mamo (Optional - ask our advisors).

  • Personal and other unspecified expenses.
  • Bilingual interpreter.
  • Taxes.

  • Applies to ages 13 to 75 with hiking skills.
  • Wear fresh clothes and a bathing suit.
  • Use sunscreen.
  • Follow the recommendations of the guide.
  • Bilingual interpreter optional.
  • Not applicable for winter season (May / October) or for meetings of indigenous authorities.

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