Bird watching at Cuchilla San Lorenzo
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Bird watching at Cuchilla San Lorenzo

Bird watching at Cuchilla San Lorenzo

Colombia, Santa Marta
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Basic Information:

Live the best aviary experience in San Lorenzo, which is the water star of Santa Marta since 7 rivers are born from this mountain that provides water to 3 regions of the Colombian Caribbean. Come and listen to the trills of the birds that inhabit this place.

Important: Due to the limited offers of expert professional guides in Ornithology in the City, it is necessary to confirm in advance if they are available to carry out the experience.

Duration time:

1 days.

Time and place of departure:

4:00 a.m. Pick up at the airport or place where you are staying in Santa Marta or Minca

Time and place of return:

5:30 p.m. Pick up at the airport or place where you are staying in Santa Marta or Minca

Cancellation polices:

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Immediate Reservation

33 years of experience

$367.75 USD

Quantity of travellers

1 adults

Travel date


More information.

Day 1

Bird Watching in San Lorenzo

Our adventure begins around 4:00 am, leaving the City of Santa Marta or Minca, we head towards the coffee zone known as Tagua . there we begin the journey through uncovered land or royal road as it is commonly known, by the time we are there we will already be able to observe how the sun's rays embrace the snowy peaks and the sacred Palm or ( Ceroxilon Ceriferum) species almost endemic to this bioregion with a high degree of species of interest contrast birds, wildlife and many endemic species among them the endemic Santa Marta parakeet (Santa Marta parakeet) Santa Marta mountain sparrow (Santa Marta brush finch) Black cheeked mountain tanager (Black cheeked mountain tanager) Santa Marta spider ( Santa Marta warbler) (Perisama gisco) endemic butterfly (Heliconia Mincana) endemic flower of the Sierra Nevada. Our experience ends by returning to our hotel around 5:30 p.m.

* Emblematic birds that can be observed on the route:

Black cheeked Mountain-Tanager; Santa Marta Antbird; Santa Marta Warbler; Santa Marta Parakeet; Sierra Nevada Brushfinch; Yellow-Crowned Redstart; Santa Marta Bush-Tyrant; Santa Marta Screech Owl; Santa Marta Blossomcrown; White-tailed Starfrontlet; Rusty-headed Spinetail; Santa Marta Seedeater; Rofous Antpitta; Santa Marta Antpitta; White-tipped Swift; White-lored Warbler; Santa Marta Brushfinch; Santa Marta Foliage-gleaner; Black-backed Thornbill


What does include

    Local ornithologist guide, (If necessary, a French, Portuguese, German, Italian translator is included for an extra cost.)
    Breakfast, chocolate, coffee, juice
    Fruit snacks and organic snacks.
    Private transport 4x4.
    Food (vegetarian options), served in traditional restaurants in the towns visited,
    Travel assistance insurance.
    Tickets to places of interest.

What does not include

    Unspecified expenses.
  • If you have a medical treatment, remember to bring your medicine.
  • Bring a jacket as it is cold during the early morning
  • Wear appropriate clothing for hot weather between 34 and 40 °C (sunscreen, insect repellent, hat or cap, and appropriate footwear for rough terrain).
  • Remember that any risky or dangerous situation should be reported immediately to the guide.
  • Carry identity document and travel insurance.
  • Have a towel and bathing suit if you like to bathe in the river/sea.
  • Altering nature in any way is not allowed.
  • Good energy and a lot of encouragement to enjoy nature.

Frequently Asked Questions about Avistamiento de aves en Cuchilla San Lorenzo

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