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Corporate Social Responsibility

We are a company committed since 2017 with corporate social and environmental responsibility in the tourism sector, complying with the provisions of NTS TS 003, guaranteeing the continuous development of those who are directly or indirectly part of the organization, promoting respect and commitment to the environment, making reasonable and appropriate uses of natural resources, generating a culture of sustainability that promotes the economic and social development of the various communities that make up our interest groups.

Our commitment is to achieve continuous improvement through strategies that allow a balance between the social and environmental.



  • We promote respect for society regardless of their sexual condition, race, religion and / or any other type of characteristic.
  • More than 50% of our staff is made up of women.
  • Our employees are paid according to the parameters stipulated by law.
  • We train employees for a better performance of their functions.
  • We provide bonuses and awards to employees for good performance.
  • We protect our children and adolescents from sexual exploitation in tourism.
  • We protect, respect and encourage respect for cultural heritage.
  • We make contributions to indigenous and rural communities (tangible and intangible).
  • We promote the local economy of the communities through the generation of jobs.
  • We work hand in hand with suppliers committed to sustainability.



  • We implement the reasonable use of energy.
  • We use sugar cane fiber-based paper, free of bleach, as well as the reduction and reuse of paper.
  • We buy supplies with environmentally friendly stamps.
  • We train the natives of the Lost City area on issues related to sustainability.
  • We use plastic in a rational way to reduce the impact on the carbon footprint.
  • We encourage the use of the 3 ''R''.
  • We clean the paths to Lost City.
  • We planted trees on the trails to Ciudad Perdida.



We have Tour Cert certification, which is why we are committed to continually improve with responsible and sustainable tourism so that future generations can discover and enjoy the wonders that our country has.

Our processes are designed and governed in accordance with Tour Cert policy and are verified in order to ensure fair environmental, commercial and labor conditions.


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