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Where to eat in Santa Marta, the best restaurants

Where to eat in Santa Marta, the best restaurants

2018-07-23 14:20:08

You finally made it to Santa Marta! Yes! Now, it is time for you to enjoy the sun, wind, beaches, and off course, good gastronomy. You will realize that eating in Santa Marta is one of a kind experience.


Maybe you do not know where to eat in Santa Marta, or which are the best restaurants; however, before answering that question, let me tell you that Santa Marta has become a destination desired by the quality-price-ratio of its food, variety of cuisines that can be found and especially for the way they turn customer service into its particular hallmark.


Best restaurants to eat in Santa Marta




A while ago, chef Mike Mcmurdo visited Santa Marta and fell in love with the city so he opened a restaurant right in the heart of Santa Marta center which, since 2011, offers to all its visitors the best dishes inspired by the Greek and Italian cuisines set on a Mediterranean atmosphere and mixed with the charm of Santa Marta's nights. In the second floor of the restaurant, there is a different menu, but equally exquisite designed to share with friends, family or date.  Just sit down and let your senses enjoy a wonderful experience.


Radio Burguer

Very close to Ouzo, in the next corner, you will find Radio Burger. It is a restaurant where you can enjoy the pleasure of eating one of the best hamburgers in Santa Marta. It is the perfect plan to talk and chat while you enjoy and appreciate the retro style of the place.


Santa Mesa

Where to eat in Santa Marta

If what you want is to taste the best of Caribbean cuisine, then you have to come to this restaurant, where, believe us, food, because of its flavor and quality, sanctifies the table and the palate of those who sit around it. Its chef, creator, and host, Fredy Pertuz, has made a place where art, food and an elegant ambiance offer, from the very entrance, a special charming atmosphere where it is possible to transport yourself to another world. Give yourself the pleasure of enjoying the best fusion cuisine in the city. Best of all, all the dishes come with its Majesty, El Cayeye (typical dish made from boiled and smashed green plantains or guineos).

This restaurant is located at street 17 #3-38, in Santa Marta Center.


La Basilea

Restaurants like this are responsible for raising the city cuisine standards to its highest (in fact, this is ex-president Juan Manuel Santos and ministers favorite restaurant when they visit the city). The small size of the restaurant along with its white walls give a personal touch where you feel like the chef is cooking only for you. Margarita Estupiñan, owner and chef, has created a unique menu by fusing the Mediterranean, French and Colombo-pacific flavors, responsible for mouth-watering only by reading the menu.

It is located at street 16 # 2-58, Santa Marta Center


Donde Chucho Gourmet

Where to eat in Santa Marta? The answer is simple, in Donde Chucho (located in El Rodadero) or in its more Gourmet version (located in Santa Marta Center). It is a restaurant specialized in seafood that you definitely have to try. Firstly, they make masterpieces; secondly, they make you feel very special with their attention, and finally, because this restaurant highlights the essence of the sea and the city.



As the saying says: appearances are deceptive, and this is the case of Lulo. It is a small restaurant, but extremely cozy with an incredible and warm staff which offers simple but quite exquisite dishes for you to enjoy. It is located at the Callejón Del Correo, a small street full of art and bohemian vibes.  The restaurant has something to suit everyone's tastes. From wraps to pitas, gourmet arepas and its well-known paninis along with delicious natural juices and smoothies. This place is worth to repeat and this is why it is in the list of the best restaurants.



If you want to have a complete experience while eating top quality dishes on the top of a mountain facing the sea, then you have to go to Burukuka, a luxury restaurant located in the Rodadero and named in honor of an indigenous tribe that inhabited the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, which were specialists in work with stone and wood, and this restaurant was built under the same philosophy. They are specialists in the Caribbean, Latin, seafood, Mediterranean, South American, Colombian and Spanish dishes.