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The best beaches of the Colombian Pacific to visit on your vacation

The best beaches of the Colombian Pacific to visit on your vacation

2019-10-23 15:07:48

Colombia is fortunate to be bathed by two oceans and a sea. With this great diversity of waters and marine wealth, it is not uncommon to find true natural paradises by the sea along the Colombian coast. The Colombian Caribbean is a destination very popular with travelers for the fantastic beaches found here, however, the Pacific also hides true natural treasures surrounded by lots of nature and magical settings.

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And just to prove it, below we have a list that we have assembled for you with what we consider to be some of the best beaches in the Colombian Pacific . All this to encourage you to meet the other charming side of Colombia.

Top Pacific beaches

The Clam ~ Chocó

In Bahía Solano there are some of the most beautiful beaches of Chocó and the entire Pacific , so much, that it was difficult to choose only one among them, however, we believe that El Almejal Beach is one of the most beautiful because it has a lovely sea next to a thick and lush jungle. In addition, this beach has calm waters and warm sand, so you will have an excellent rest assured.

Brickmakers ~ Valle del Cauca

This beautiful beach is located in the municipality of Buenaventura in the department of Valle del Cauca and enchants you for the tranquility of its waters, but above all because they are so crystal clear and clear that at all times you will be able to see the bottom of the sea. Playa Ladrilleros is one of the best places to have a retreat and connect with the nature of the Pacific in an atmosphere of tranquility and magic.

Bahía Blanca ~ Cauca

There are few places in Colombia where the word adventure is all that can define travel, and Bahía Blanca on Isla Gorgona is one of those. It is in turn in one of the best national parks and islands of Colombia to visit on vacation. The biggest attraction of this island is not only Bahía Blanca, which is a beauty in itself of white sand and large trees everywhere, but also the old maximum security prison that was located on this island so that prisoners are not They will escape and which it is possible to visit its ruins covered by moss and vines. There is another attraction that many fears but can also be visited and is the cave of snakes and scorpions on the top of the island. Remember that all this must be done in the company of a certified and responsible guide.

Nuquí ~ Chocó

Nuquí is one of the most visited destinations in Chocó and the Pacific . What is most in love with its natural landscapes that are of special importance here, because it is the jungle and the sea living side by side, creating a beautiful contrast between the deep blue of the sea and the bright green of the jungle. Nuquí is one of the best destinations in the Pacific to do ecotourism in Colombia and practice water activities such as sport fishing and diving .

El Morro ~ Nariño

Another of the most beautiful beaches in the Pacific is in the municipality of Tumaco , Nariño , and is known as the Pearl of the Pacific . This is Bahia El Morro , which enjoys great popularity for the islet known as El Morro , but also for the arch of stones that is located on one of its sides, which makes the visit to this place a whole expedition, because in addition to all the activities that you can find in all the other beaches , you can also make an expedition to the Morro where you can have another perspective of the place.