What to see and what to do in Neiva. Unmissable activities
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What to see and what to do in Neiva. Unmissable activities

Lun, 19 agosto 2019
What to see and what to do in Neiva. Unmissable activities

Neiva , is the capital of the department of Huila , and one of the main tourist cities in the south of Colombia . This beautiful city known as the capital of the Magdalena River has unique landscapes that connect the city with nature and several thermal floors that end up creating unique scenarios and sensations.

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Neiva , is not only charming for its tourist destinations , but also for the kindness of its people, the taste of its typical dishes and of course for everything it has to offer and know.

What to do in Neiva?

Admire its historical monuments

Neiva is not a very large city, which allows you to make the journey through the different points of interest walking, among which you can not miss the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception , the Monument to the Cacica Gaitana , the beautiful National Building and the Colonial Temple , also you can not miss the Malecon of the Magdalena River and its Botanical Garden . If you like history, you cannot miss the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art is perfect for art lovers.

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Enjoy the festivities of San Pedro and San Juan

In the month of June one of the most important fairs and festivals in Colombia and that constitute the Cultural Heritage of Huila are held , because during these holidays the National Folk Festival and Reign of Bambuco is held where the entire tradition is celebrated of this town from the colony with dances, music and cultural shows.

Do not forget to try their gastronomy

Neiva and the entire department of Huila , have a rich cuisine that has crossed the borders of this territory and has gained national and international fame, so on your trip to Neiva you can not miss trying some of these typical dishes especially the roasted huilense , which is made with tender pig meat, arepa and other ingredients that make when you eat this dish you can not erase its taste easily from memory. Nor can you stop trying the achira sponge cake , a delicious snack that is prepared with flour, starch and curd.

Meet its attractions near Neiva

In Huila and near its capital are some of the main and most beautiful natural places that enjoy great fame in Colombia and the world, some of them is the Tatacoa Desert , which with its reddish colors and stone sculptures They create a surreal scenario. The Cueva de los Guacharos National Natural Park , which enjoys great vegetation, caves, waterfalls and lakes, making you feel elsewhere in the world. The San Agustin Archaeological Park , a World Heritage Site . Las T ermas de Rivera and the Betania Dam are other places near Neiva that you can't miss.

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