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Colombia Tours

Caño Cristales

Called by many knowers “the most beautiful river in the world”

Lost City

Sierra Nevada: One of the best trekkings of southamerica in the colombian caribbean

Whales Sighting

Colombian pacific: Plans/tours for whale watching in the Colombian pacific coast.

Punta Gallinas Tour

Visit the northernmost point of South America and live a unique experience in the Colombia desert

Tatacoa Desert

The second largest arid zone in the country, a tropical dry forest that has been for many years; it was rich in fauna and flora.

Tayrona Park

Parque Tayrona: Beautiful caribebean beaches on the shore of the highest coastal mountain in the world.

Why choose us?

Baquianos Travel & Adventure, pioneer in trekkings in the Sierra Nevada for more than 30 years. We are specialized in nature and adventure tourisim, offering the best experiences in Colombia, cultural, ethnic, ecotourisim, sun and beach activities, focousing in each one of the needs of our traverlers according to their interests and needs.

We promote sustainable tourism, protecting our natural resources and strengthening the growth of natives and locals in each región, ensuring a responsable use of environmental resources with the awarness it deserves so that future generations can enjoy the wonders we offer.

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Most visited cities

The heroic wall city

Santa Marta
America's Pearl

A caribbean desert

Experiences we offer

Nature, adventure, indigenous communities, trekkings.



Get to know the best adventures that Colombia can offer in the company of our Baquianos guides.



Experience 100% the Colombian mountain range, by which it is known. Enjoy the best trek.



Experience the relief by which Colombia is known. Enjoy with us the nature and the best treks.



Meet the best of each destination getting close to the local culture and their customes and traditions.

Sun and beach

Sun and beach

Get to know the best beaches of the caribbean and pacific colombian coasts.



Live the best natural landscapes in one of the most biodiverse countries of the world, Colombia.

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