Bunkuany Tayrona: an alternative to the tour to the Lost City in the Sierra Nevada
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Bunkuany Tayrona: An alternative to the tour to the Lost City in the Sierra Nevada

Miér, 15 mayo 2024
Bunkuany Tayrona: An alternative to the tour to the Lost City in the Sierra Nevada

The ancient Tayrona culture left us countless vestiges that have allowed us to get to know it better today. We tell you about a recent discovery that you can already enjoy as an approach to this ancient civilization. We are talking about the archaeological ruins of Bunkuany Tayrona , located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and positioned as an alternative to the Ciudad Perdida tour . So, if you are looking for an option to the famous Lost City trek, either because you have little time, or you are looking for something more convenient, we have the information you were looking for.

Bunkuany Tayrona, the place where the stones tell us a story

The name Bunkuany, by which this ancient Tairona site is known, is a name given by the Koguis, one of the indigenous cultures of Colombia who live in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. It is related to the stones with which its terraces were raised and some rock carvings that have been found. These seem to tell a story to those who visit this place, as if they were speaking to us. Hence its name, Bunkuany, the "place of the stones that speak".

Panoramic view from the terraces of Bunkuany Tayrona

The Tayrona terraces of Bunkuany "The second Lost City"

When these terraces came to light, the comparison with Ciudad Perdida was inevitable. Hence, the media called it "The second Lost City". For example, although the archaeological complex of Bunkuany is less extensive than that of Ciudad Perdida, it has terraces of a fairly large extension and, as happens with Ciudad Perdida or Teyuna, "The second Lost City" has several streams and rivers nearby, which makes enjoying a refreshing swim while doing the Bunkuany Tayrona tour part of the experience as well.

Let's see some of the characteristics that make this experience an alternative to the tour to Teyuna, Ciudad Perdida.

Bunkuany is a great alternative to the Ciudad Perdida tour if you don't have much time

The terraces of Bunkuany Tayrona are at a distance that allows us to visit them in a one-day expedition. This also allows us to add one or two more days to see the petroglyphs known as the Piedras de Donama, have a cultural exchange with an indigenous Kogui community, and finish with sun and sand in Cabo San Juan del Guía in Tayrona Park. All this in a maximum of 3 days and 2 nights!

Bunkuany Tayrona is a great option if you think that the trek to Ciudad Perdida is too demanding for you

Given that the tour to Bunkuany takes less time, it also gives us another advantage: the physical effort required is less. Of course, even if it is not several days, the walk is demanding... but it is well worth it.

Bunkuany terraces interconnected by stone paths

How to get to Bunkuany Tayrona

The projects that promote this destination seek that local communities participate actively. So you will see that many of those who work on this route are local, they are residents of the Calabazo sector, where the walk begins.

To get to Bunkuany you can leave from Calabazo towards the mountainous area of the Sierra Nevada. Bunkuany is approximately 7 kilometers from Calabazo. By doing this, you could visit Bunkuany in a day tour.

Another option is to enter through the Bonda sector, making a stop at the Donama stones, mysterious rocks engraved by the ancient inhabitants of the area, which will serve as an introduction to the Tayrona culture. Then the vehicle can leave us later, from where we will start the walk to Bunkuany. We will spend the night near the archaeological ruins and the next day the road will continue to Calabazo, from where we can return to Santa Marta.

In any of these options we highly recommend that you have a guide to accompany you during the tour, manage all the services you need and also share with you all the history that these places hide.

Zhatukwas, holes in the rock used by the mamos to consult

What else can we tell you about Bunkuany

We can say that, relatively close to this old Tayrona settlement, there are plenty of accommodation options. Which makes it easier for you to choose the type of accommodation you would have in case you want to stay in this area, which among others is close to Tayrona Park.

This destination is still developing from the tourist point of view. For this reason, the plans that are being offered may vary over time. This also gives an opportunity to those who like to discover new places and prefer places that are not overcrowded.

Finally we can say that Bunkuany Tayrona is a destination that will allow you to feel like an explorer, like the discoverer of a place that connects nature, culture and adventure in one place.


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