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  • The tourist services sold are supported through orders and/or service vouchers, which the client, when making a claim, must take into account the clauses announced therein.
  • The client has every right to know the terms and conditions of the tourist products and/or services that are being offered, through the Agency staff, service voucher and/or website.
  • BAQUIANOS TRAVEL must inform the client about the documentation required to facilitate their travel to national and international destinations, and it is the user's obligation to comply with the reported requirements.
  • The client must pay the total value of the tourist services they wish to purchase in order to ensure their participation, without exception, the value of the reservation will be 100% of the tour cost, in which case a ticket office will be required to enter the parks where develops it, the cost will be subject to the modifications that the authorities make on the admission tickets; BAQUIANOS TRAVEL is not responsible for the increase in these, in such case, the client must assume the difference in value.
  • The tour to Ciudad Perdida is excepted from the previous item. To reserve participation in it, the client will have the possibility of paying 20% of the total value as an initial payment, and the remaining value up to 1 hour before the scheduled departure, in case If payment is not made within the established times, the agency may refrain from operating the reserved service.
  • The client will have the right to a refund of the money, as long as they request the cancellation of the tourist service (except for the tour to Ciudad Perdida) at least (fifteen) days in advance of the provision of the service, taking into account that it will be discounted. of said refund, (Fifty percent) 50% of the total value of the tour, due to the administrative and operational expenses that the agency had to incur to guarantee the reservation. In those cases in which the expenses for this concept exceed the mentioned percentage, the client must assume the additional costs. Once this term to request a refund has passed, there will be no room for it.
  • When it comes to group reservations, circuits, packages, private tours, the minimum amount to be paid will be 50% of the total value of the product; The remaining value (50%) will be paid at least one day before the scheduled date to enjoy the service, regardless of the type of tour. In case of requesting a refund, the aforementioned procedure will be followed.
  • The client who has booked the tour to Ciudad Perdida will have the right to a refund of the money, as long as they request the cancellation of the tour at least (three) 3 days in advance of the provision of the service, taking into account that it will be deducted from said refund, (Ten percent) 10% of the total value of the tour, due to the administrative and operational expenses that the agency had to incur to guarantee the reservation. In those cases in which the expenses for this concept exceed the mentioned percentage, the client must assume the additional costs. When the cancellation request is made with (two) 2 days or less missing, or you do not show up for the tour, (Twenty percent) 20% of the total value of the service purchased will be deducted from said refund; Likewise, in those cases in which the expenses for this concept exceed the mentioned percentage, the client must assume the additional costs.
  • For all purposes, the refund of the money to which the client is entitled will be effective within a maximum period of 30 calendar days following the request.
  • The customer does not have the right to a refund when:
  • Cases beyond the control of the company arise such as: environmental factors, road closures, prohibition of entry to a tourist site by order of the authority, cancellation or delays of flights, loss of luggage, closure of ports, airports and hotels.
  • When you do not show up for the tour, or a calamity, accident occurs, or you cancel the service one day before, or on the same day that the tourist service is provided.
  • The client may assign or reschedule the acquired tourist service at no cost, as long as he or she does so at least 3 days in advance of the provision of the tourist service. When it is an assignment, along with the request you must provide an advisor with the information and documents of the person to whom the service will be assigned. Once this term has been exceeded, no money will be refunded under any circumstances. The transfer and rescheduling of the tour can only be carried out once and with a period to enjoy the service, not exceeding the following 15 calendar days.
  • Baquianos Travel & Adventure monitors the status of sales, through telephone calls to suppliers and customers, to verify their compliance and satisfaction.
  • Through e-mail, feedback on social networks (Tripadvisor, Facebook and Instagram) and/or the satisfaction survey, post-sale monitoring is carried out once




  • Clients can make payment for the services offered, before starting the tour, in the following way:
    • In person: It can be made with cash payments or with a debit or credit card.
    • Virtual: Through our web portal ( m) or through a payment link, which is sent to the client to their email.
    • Other means: Consignment, bank transfer, Efecty and/or Baloto points.


  • The user of the tourist services must pay 20% of the total value of the tour as an advance payment, in order to ensure their participation. Except for tours whose duration is 1 day and tours to Guajira, in these cases the total value of the tourist service must be paid.
  • The client can pay for the service in Colombian pesos, dollars and euros; You should check what additional costs may be generated by the payment method through which the transfer is made effective. BAQUIANOS TRAVEL is not responsible for any commissions incurred by the client for this concept.
  • At Baquianos Travel & Adventure, it is totally prohibited to grant credit to Clients.
  • The prices vary according to the TRM of the day with respect to the price of the activity in the local currency, if you pay a percentage in a currency different from the local currency where the activity is from, it is possible that at the time of paying the remaining value will be a different price if the value of the market representative rate has changed.




  • In case of force majeure or unforeseen event before or during the tour (accidents, strikes, riots, earthquakes, climatic factors, security conditions, political factors, denial of entry permits, health issues, among others), or simply with the In order to guarantee the success of the plan, the operator and/or the agency may modify, replace or cancel itineraries, dates, optional services, which is accepted by the client at the time of purchasing the services.
  • The client declares that he knows and accepts these conditions in their entirety, which constitute the sole, total and exclusive agreement of any agreement or legal provision to the contrary, regarding the terms, conditions and restrictions of the contracted services.
  • In accordance with the provisions of Decree 2438 of 2010, the undersigned buyer declares to have been informed and to have received, understood and accepted all of the conditions and restrictions of its own services and products and other suppliers, providers of tourist services, assistance , transportation and others that you have acquired at BAQUIANOS TRAVEL.
  • All content related to the clauses of the code of conduct and prevention of sexual tourism remains in force and is an integral part of the policies of BAQUIANOS TRAVEL.
  • The client may communicate with the Agency through different communication channels, to report complaints, suggestions or claims for the service provided, through the Website, writing to , by telephone at the numbers: +57 3167458947, +57 3176611635, in person at our office, or report them through satisfaction surveys.
  • All complaints, claims or suggestions reported by clients will be responded to within a maximum of (5) business days, promptly resolving any inconveniences presented.




  • BAQUIANOS TRAVEL, is responsible for the tourist product or service, has the guarantee of excellence in customer service, quality in accordance with the established terms and conditions and effectiveness in the request for information and rapid response to the requirements of the customer.
  • The client will be informed of the terms and conditions regarding reimbursement of tourist services that may be subject to refund.
  • The agency reserves the right to make justified changes in the itinerary, dates of operation, transportation and others that are necessary to guarantee the success of the trip.
  • The advance payment and term that the client pays in order to ensure their participation in the trip is described in the sales policies, as well as everything related to requesting returns. This value will be paid or deducted from the total cost of the tourist plan, depending on the request.
  • In events such as the sale of the commercial establishment, change of owner, or temporary or definitive cessation in the provision of tourist services and the operation of tourist plans or services being in progress, their continuity and compliance will be guaranteed in terms offered.
  • The suppliers selected by the company will fully comply with the products and services that were contracted, in turn they will ensure the well-being of the passenger, advise them and resolve any doubts that may arise about possible tours and places of interest, as well as any inconveniences that may arise during the use of the product and/or service purchased.
  • The prices of tourist services are subject to changes without prior notice due to the fluctuation of international currencies.
  • The Agency or supplier has the authority to remove from the tour anyone who, for serious reasons of a moral or disciplinary nature, threatens the success of the tour.
  • The agency will not assume any responsibility for legal matters or other inconveniences in which the user may be involved, in the event that he or she is forced to withdraw from the tour for such reasons, and likewise, for personal expenses incurred by the client. incur.
  • Luggage and any object that the tourist carries with them is their responsibility.
  • Once the deposit is delivered, the passenger accepts the conditions stipulated here.
  • In case of disagreement with the tourist service, the client may make the requests to which he or she is entitled in accordance with the policies previously established by BAQUIANOS TRAVEL.
  • The client acknowledges and accepts that the tour they choose has risks, and that they release BAQUIANOS TRAVEL from all liability of any kind.




  • The sale, advertising and promotion of tourist services aimed at the abuse and sexual exploitation of minors is not permitted.
  • We do not support the illegal trade in flora and fauna species and goods; We respect and promote the conservation of our biodiversity and our cultural assets.
  • We promote tourism products and services through advertising with truthful and achievable promises, guaranteeing their fulfillment.
  • It is not permitted to engage in discriminatory, disrespectful, threatening, defamation, intimidation or other conduct that in any way may violate the freedom of belief or individual expression of our internal and external clients.
  • It is prohibited for sales advisors or any Agency official to request any type of commission, money or incentives from suppliers.
  • Behaviors that imply privileged or discriminatory treatment, or that represent direct or indirect personal benefits, should be avoided.
  • Complaints and disagreements between Agency officials should not be perceived by the client.




    • At Baquianos Travel & Adventure, we have a very good relationship with our employees, we maintain a good work environment, ease of communication, flexibility of schedules and permits, work support, recognition of their work and celebration of special dates.
    • Our staff is highly trained and oriented since they are provided with the necessary information, confidence and contributions for the improvement and growth of our Agency.
    • Baquianos Travel & Adventure provides the work team with prizes or incentives, such as trips to national and international destinations, as well as other benefits.


    • Provide clients with added values, which generate memories in them from the experience they have had and demonstrate how important they are to the Agency, through a helpful human team, transmitting security, warmth and excellent treatment to all our clients.
    • The positioning and years of experience, as providers of tourist services, that the Agency has compared to the competition.
    • Guarantee the quick response of the advisors through the different service channels, the ease of communication with the Agency and availability to solve problems.
    • Offer our clients the ease of having access to different payment methods.


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