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Live the FILBO 2019 - International Book Fair of Bogotá

Live the FILBO 2019 - International Book Fair of Bogotá

2019-04-12 15:34:27

The FILBO or International Book Fair of Bogotá is one of the most anticipated and most desired cultural fairs and festivals in Colombia . It takes place during approximately 12 days, during which it brings together the best of Colombian and universal literature. For this year the FILBO will be held from April 25 to May 6, at the Corferias Convention Center in the city of Bogotá, and the entrance cost 9,000 COP for adults and for children from five to twelve years 5.500 COP.

Every year the FILBO welcomes a country, as the guest of honor, for this year, that country will be Colombia , since this 2019 the bicentennial of the Independence of Colombia is celebrated, so the hall destined for the guest of honor, this year will be dyed by the tricolor flag and all kinds of books related to this historic event.


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As to the FILBO you must go at least once in life, here we leave you more information to encourage you to participate in this great party.


What is done in the FILBO?


FILBO has been gathering the best of literature on a specific date for 32 years, so one of the main activities to do at FILBO is to go through each of its thousands of halls and rooms and immerse yourself in the world of books. There is everything here! From fiction to specialized books for professions and sciences.

But not everything is books in the FILBO ; As complementary activities, it will offer debates, exhibitions and talks on different topics that have to do with writing, Colombian Independence, the gender perspective, the environment, scientific advances and much more.

There will also be music and cooking workshops, and of course special activities for children, adolescents, young people and professionals; among many more things that you can live and find in this wonderful fair.

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