How to get to Isla Múcura and Tintipán Island and what to do
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How to get to Isla Múcura and Tintipán Island and what to do

Lun, 27 marzo 2023
How to get to Isla Múcura and Tintipán Island and what to do

Colombia is a country full of many paradises that are waiting to be visited, in order to surprise all its visitors with the beauty of its landscapes, such is the case of Isla Múcura and Isla Tintipán , two spectacular and paradisiacal islands that belong to the Corales del Rosario National Park and the San Bernardo Archipelago.

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You should visit Isla Múcura and Isla Tintipán , if you want to disconnect from everything, since in these; as its inhabitants say, the eagerness comes to an end. They are two almost magical islands where time acquires another dimension and the only concern becomes not wanting to leave its crystalline Caribbean waters that invite you to enjoy life fully. Next, we tell you how to get to Isla Múcura and Isla Tintipán, and what to do in them.

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How to get to Isla Múcura and Isla Tintipán?

To get to Isla Múcura and Isla Tintipán , you have three options. The first is to leave from Cartagena to Isla Múcura , taking a boat that departs from the La Bodeguita dock for a cost per trip that ranges between 90,000 COP and 100,000 COP. The trip lasts approximately two and a half hours. Here you can also take a trip that includes the panoramic tour of the Boquerón Islands, Palma, Tintipán, Islote de Santa Cruz; this last one is the most populated island in the world, Isla Múcura ,  the ticket, that includes safe ensurance and guide for 150,000 COP. However, against what you might think this tour does not go out from Cartagena , but instead you take a road trip to Tolú and there go on board of a  boat. These two are one of the most expensive options.

The second option is to get to Isla Múcura from San Onofre , a town that belongs to the department of Bolivar. To get to San Onofre, the same bus that goes to Tolú takes you, but you have to get off first. The bus journey from Cartagena to Tolú costs 27,000 COP and from Santa Marta around 51,000 COP.

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In San Onofre, you have to continue towards Rincón del Mar, where you can arrive by motorcycle taxi for 8,000 COP, if you prefer by taxi, for around 30,000 COP. Once in Rincon del Mar you continue by boat to Isla Múcura for an approximate value of 25,000 COP.

The last option is to get to Isla Múcura from Tolú , you must first get to this small town first. Then, when you arrive, you have to take a motorcycle taxi that cost 4,000 COP to the pier and get on the boat that goes to Isla Múcura and Isla Tintipán . You can choose gofor a day pass for 70,000 COP that includes only one island; you choose whichone, lunch and of course the boat trip. But if your plans are different you can buy one way ticket for 40,000 COP. The boat ride lasts about an hour.

What to do in Isla Múcura and Isla Tintipán?

Whether you're in Isla Múcura or Isla Tintipán you can dive or snorkel; Although this plan is best done in Isla Tintipán due to the variety and quantity of its coral reefs, but the truth is that in either of the two, you will be able to enjoy this activity.

Another fabulous plan is the plankton tour ; a night plan in which you go swimming and watch a lot of tiny algae called plankton and that shine in the dark with the movement of the sea.

Another thing you can do is rent a kayak and go out there to explore its waters and landscapes. And if not, the best plan you can do in Isla Múcura and Isla Tintipán is to spend a day on the beach in its charming and crystal clear waters while you forget about everything.

Tips and recommendations

You must keep in mind that the boats to Isla Múcura and Isla Tintipán leave between 8:00 and 9:00 in the morning, so you must travel very early to be on time on the pier, but the best thing you could do is spend a night either in San Onofre or in Tolú; a very picturesque town, and in the morning leave for Isla Múcura.

The passage to Isla Múcura includes a stop at the Islote de Santa Cruz , the most densely populated island in the world. Here you will have to pay 5,000 COP for the development of the island and its inhabitants and for that value you have the right to visit the aquarium and swim with nurse sharks, among others.

In Isla Múcura or Tintipán there are many accommodation options; from 40,000 COP, to spend the night, which you must, to appreciate the beauty of the islands and have a lot of time to enjoy. In each of the islands there are boats that can move you in between for 15,000 COP.

Also, you will also find restaurants at a good price with a variety of  delicious dishes, with prices ranging up 15,000 COP.

Now, if you want to do the plankton tour , you must take into account the phases of the moon, because when there is a full moon it is impossible to see this phenomenon. Is better if you try to leave the island before 3:00 in the afternoon to avoid the strong waves.

If you want to know other paradises, you must arrive at the Tayrona Park , then leave for Palomino , and finish at Cabo de la Vela and Punta Gallinas on your own . In Santa Marta you can also visit spectacular beaches where you can rest and forget everything. Or you can enter the blog and be inspired to travel through Colombia.

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