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How to get to the Betania Dam in Huila

How to get to the Betania Dam in Huila

2019-08-19 23:27:47

The Betania Dam in Huila is a perfect place for those who like to be surrounded by nature, and especially for ecotourism lovers in Colombia . The Bethany Dam is a wonderful destination in Huila to visit , because in addition to its beauty, it has many activities related to nature and an ideal environment for resting and getting out of the routine.

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Here we tell you everything you need to know to visit the Bethany Dam in Huila , as well as the most important recommendations you should keep in mind, and of course all the things you can do in this natural destination.

How to get to the Bethany Dam?

The dam is located in the municipality of Yaguará , 30 kilometers from the capital of Huila . Now, to get to this municipality you must go to the Transportation Terminal and take a bus to Yaguará from Neiva , which after approximately one hour of travel will leave you in the main square of Yaguará , from where you will have to walk around 10 minutes to get At the entrance of the Betania Dam , or if you prefer, you can take a transport service in the town square to reach the dam, although the walk is smooth and so you can get an idea of this beautiful town.

The ticket to Yaguará from Neiva costs 8,000 COP, and the service is offered by several transport companies that frequently depart from the terminal.

What to do at the Bethany Dam?

There are many activities that can be done at the Bethany Dam , such as a picnic, horseback riding through the dam to get to know it, or you can also do this by walking or even aboard a ferry. In the Bethany Dam you can also do fishing, boating and kayaking activities.

You can also visit some of the islands that are in the dam and the famous Cave of Love , which is a place of crystalline waters and a beautiful landscape where you can also bathe and swim for a while.

During Holy Week, the Agu Festival is held at the Bethany Dam, which is a great party where all activities and events take place around water such as concerts, food shows, water sports and much more.


  • The Bethany Dam does not have an entry price, so everyone who wants to visit it can also visit it and the support also depends on everyone, so if you visit the dam, avoid leaving trash or doing activities that threaten the landscape.
  • Remember to wear a dress of the year, put on sunscreen and warm weather clothing, since in this municipality it is generally hot.
  • In the whole town and around the dam you will find restaurants and hotels that adapt to all budgets and tastes so you can eat and spend the night, if it is your plan at the Bethany Dam.

Huila is a wonderful destination in Colombia with fascinating places to discover and know. So do not wait any longer and embark on an adventure through this department that will bring you great moments and memories. Some of these beautiful places in Huila are: San Agustín Archaeological Park , Neiva , Cueva de los Guacharos National Natural Park and La Tatacoa Desert .