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Beaches near Taganga that almost nobody knows and you should know

Beaches near Taganga that almost nobody knows and you should know

2019-01-09 19:39:54

It is not a lie what it is said that Santa Marta is simply magical, and it is true. Besides its world-known attractions, such as the
Tayrona Park, the majestic Lost City or the incredible Minca, Santa Marta has many beaches, some of which are national and internationally recognized, and many of them remain unknown to visitors, which is the case of many beaches near Taganga that are both beautiful and magical as the others.

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Reason why these beaches go unnoticed is that most of them are small and not that profitable to vendors, restaurants, and tents. They are usually known as fisherman beaches, thus when you visit them, you will see many of them waiting for their nets; however, it is possible to go, swim there, and learn more about artisan fishing used by Taganga inhabitants.

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If you want to truly relax and avoid crowded places, these beaches are a good choice as they are not yet well-known amongst the throng of city dwellers. So their clear-blue waters will make you fall in love with and it is also possible to do snorkeling thanks to the presence of coral reefs.

So, do not go anywhere and we will tell you how to get to these unknown beaches close to Taganga.


Beaches near Taganga

To get to these beaches near Taganga, which are somewhat unknown, you must, obviously, be in Taganga. The journey can be done by boat, which costs between 6.000 COP to 16.000 COP, depending on the season and the beach you want to go, or you can also do it by walking following the path through the hill that is located at the end of Taganga beach.

Although walking across the mountain can be a bit difficult, you can use this opportunity as an ecological walk that will be rewarded with spectacular views of the town and Taganga beaches.

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These are the unknown beaches near Taganga: Playa de los Pescadores is the first and you will get to it after walking 10 minutes in the mountain trail. Then, you will find Playa Grande (Big Beach) after another 10 minutes of walking; as the name implies, it is the biggest in the area and one of the most visited. Crossing the entire beach, you will find again a path on the hill and after walking for another 10 minutes, you will come across Playa Monoguaca. After another 5 minutes, there is Playa Lancón and, finally, after spending another 5 minutes walking through the hill, you will find Sisiguaca.



If you are going to visit one of these beaches, keep in mind that you are not going to find any restaurants o stores (except in Playa Grande and Sisguaca), so bring water and groceries. 

In the meantime, if you have chosen to go by walking, remember to wear tennis, sunscreen, and a hat or cap. There is no need to remind you of the bathing suit, nor to take care of the beaches, and take with you all the garbage you produce.

Finally, you can make a brief stop at every beach so you do not get tired fast.

There are other places where you can find stunning beaches like Múcura and Tintípan Islands in San Bernardo Archipelago, Playa Blanca in Barú, Cabo de la Vela, and Punta Gallinas in La Guajira. Now, if you want you can visit this blog and check all the information we have prepared for you.