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  • Caño Cristales will be closed for the remainder of 2018
Caño Cristales will be closed for the remainder of 2018

Caño Cristales will be closed for the remainder of 2018

2018-12-15 01:34:22

Natural National Parks of Colombia and Cormacarena made the decision to close the entrance of tourists to Caño Cristales by the beginning of the dry season, until weather conditions are favorable for the aquatic plant macarenia clavijera; responsible for giving colors to this unique natural scenario in the world.

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Why did Caño Cristales close?


The decision to close Caño Cristales includes not only the river but also the other related scenarios, which include the sectors of Crystals of Colors, the Pailones trail, Cristales Selva and Caño Cristalitos.

The opening of this tourist attraction will take place next year until the precipitation, temperature and absence of disturbances of human origin such as forest fires, allow the reactivation of aquatic species such as Macarenia clavigera and its associated wildlife, which grant the characteristics to this unique natural scenario in the world.

Likewise, the Environmental Authorities recall that although Caño Cristales is not open to the public, the municipality of La Macarena has different natural scenarios that are authorized for the visit, such as Caño Piedra, El Raudal Angosturas I, Laguna del Silencio and the Río Guayabero, where you can do boating or rafting activities.

National Parks and Cormacarena, in addition, extended an invitation to their own and visitors to contribute to the preservation and protection of this area of special environmental importance and to respect the legal and administrative rules on protection and conservation of protected areas in the department of Meta.

This decision is taken after the publication of choosing Caño Cristales as one of the best places to visit in 2019 by Nat Geo.

Colombia is a wonderful and privileged country that has many natural paradises and it is our duty; as visitors, take care of each of them, and, above all, take care of the environment to enjoy these beautiful scenarios not only in Colombia, but throughout the world. If you want to know about each of the destinations and magical places to visit in Colombia , do not hesitate to click here.