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How much does it cost to travel to the Amazon? Budget guide

How much does it cost to travel to the Amazon? Budget guide

2019-04-09 12:54:52

The Amazon , is an incredible destination full of nature and incredible things to see. It is an ideal destination to do ecotourism and contemplate nature and all the wonders it can offer, however this is a trip that can be difficult because of the distance and costs to be covered, that does not mean it is not a worthy destination.

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This guide is made with a general budget so you know how much money you need to travel to the Amazon . We already know that there are several types of travelers, from backpackers to those who do not skimp on expenses, so this article is designed for an average traveler who likes to save on expenses without having to sacrifice things, so that you can get an idea to schedule and save to travel to the Amazon.

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Budget for the Amazon

In air tickets from Bogota to Leticia you can spend between 300,000 COP and 500,000 COP depending on the airline, but also the anticipation with which you buy them. Everything is in your expertise to get cheap tickets.

To your budget to travel to the Amazon , you must add the tax or entry card for this 2019 is 30,000 COP and also, if you plan to visit Puerto Nariño , you must pay another tax that costs 10,000 COP. These cards are valid for twelve months, so if your idea is to return within this time it is enough if you to save the payment receipt and you will not need to pay again.

Leticia has several ways to move, this means that you have several options and that you can choose the one that suits you best, for example, there is the motocarro that has a rate of 2,000 COP per person or 3,000 COP for three people within the urban perimeter.  On the other hand, taxis have an average rate of 5,000 COP within the perimeter, and outside it, for example to or from the airport it costs 20,000 COP. On the other hand you also have the bus that has a price of 1,800 COP per trip and the mototaxi that has an average value of 2,000 COP.

You can find accommodation in Puerto Nariño and Leticia from 20,000 COP in shared rooms and 65,000 COP in private rooms. Now, if you want more comforts or luxuries you can find rooms from 200,000 COP. Now, the price of meals in the Amazon can vary depending on the restaurant, the type and the place, but you can usually find the typical lunch "correintazo"  that comes with everything between 5,000 COP and 7,000 COP. On average you can spend around 20,000 COP on meals.

To this basic budget you have to add other expenses such as the ticket between Leticia and Puerto Nariñ or that costs 30,000 COP, the cost of excursions or one-day tours that you want to do which are between 130,000 COP and 150,000 COP. And of course, you can leave 100,000 COP for museum tickets and buy souvenirs, not counting the emergency expenses you may have.

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