Deserts in Colombia, the most amazing to know
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Deserts in Colombia, the most amazing to visit

Miér, 22 enero 2020
Deserts in Colombia, the most amazing to visit

Visiting the deserts in Colombia is one of the best activities to do, and even more if you are traveling Colombia for the first time.. Each one of these areas have uncountable magic landscapes, experiences that will make you feel eager for more, and, above all, they will make you feel satisfied and happy.

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Deserts in Colombia are diverse in both location and characteristics, which can make them different in colors and composition; besides, you can do different activities in each one of them, which is by far a good reason to visit them.  Moreover, it is the perfect opportunity to do eco-sustainable tourism in the country. 


The most spellbinding and amazing deserts to visit in Colombia

La Guajira Desert

In La Guajira, department located at the top north of Colombia, you can find the Cabo de la Vela desert, which is the largest desert area in the country that includes also a big portion of this peninsula as well as part of Venezuela. Although its temperatures are around 40°C, it is not usually suffocating due to the refreshing wind that comes from the Caribbean Sea, offering a fascinating landscape with the sea in front of it. In La Guajira you can be amazed by landscapes that are not found anywhere else in Colombia. In Punta Gallinas, the extreme north point of Colombia and South America, you can find the Toroa Dunes; these amazing accumulations of sand along with the blue sea will awake incomparable sensations.


Tatacoa Desert

The Tatacoa Desert cannot be left out of the best deserts in Colombia list. It is located in the department of Huila and it is the second largest desert area in the country. The most curious thing about this desert is that, in the beginning, it was a very populated vegetable zone, however, it became what it is today due to climatic changes. Here the brown, ocher and gray colors prevail, which give it a very exotic appearance, and its sand mountains ranging from 50 cm to 4 meters high form curious labyrinths. This desert is also perfect for watching stars thanks to its low noise and light pollution. You can watch 88 constellations, meteor showers, and different astronomic events.


La Candelaria Desert

In the La Candelaria Desert, located in the department of Boyacá, close to Villa de Leiva, different fossils, cave paintings, waterfalls, and caves can be found. This varied combination makes it one of the most fascinating deserts in Colombia. Unlike the others, here the wind is cold and the terrain is fertile, although there are also extensive arid areas covered with rocks, but like all the deserts in the world, solitude, peace, and silence predominate.

So, did you already decide on your next destination? If you want to get inspired, click here and you will find a wide variety of options to travel and discover Colombia.


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