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How to get to La Chorrera, the highest waterfall in Colombia

How to get to La Chorrera, the highest waterfall in Colombia

Near Bogotá , there is a very special place and little known by tourists and travelers. It is La Chorrera , a cascade of 590 meters in height that has 6 falls in itself, and has the title of being the highest waterfall in Colombia , the sixth in South America and the number 60 in the world. So as you imagine it is an impressive place in the country.

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La Chorrera waterfall is also one of the best places to trek in Colombia . The large amount of fauna, flora and landscapes that are in the place make it much more spectacular than it is already.

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If you want to continue discovering magical places in Colombia, you need to know how to get to La Chorrera and what to do.


How to get to La Chorrera?

To get to La Chorrera , you must be in Bogotá , then go to Calle 6 with Av. Caracas and take a bus with the companies Transoriente or Cootransfómeque. This trip lasts an hour and a half and costs around 10,000 COP. You must be carefull to ask the person who sells the tickets that you are going to La Chorrera so that the ticket costs less, because if you pay it full up to Choachi ; municipality in which the waterfall is located, they will charge you more.

In the same way, you must ask the driver to leave you at the entrance of La Chorrera , which you will recognize for a large green warning sign on the road and because it is a 4 kilometer long unpaved road to the entrance of Parque Aventura La Chorrera . To get from the road to the ticket office you have two options. One, to take a motorcycle taxi that will leave you at the door for 5,000 COP, or walk until the park entrance. Just remember that the secret to getting there is to always turn left.

At the end of the road you will find a house in a corner; that is the entrance to the park and to enter the Adventure Park La Chorrera, you must pay a price of 7,000 COP if you go to El Chiflón ; which is a much smaller waterfall within the park of 55 meters high, and 12,000 COP to get to La Chorrera ; this fare includes the entrance to El Chiflón , La Chorrera and the famous Cueva de los Monos . In addition to the 12,000 COP you must pay 3,000 COP if you do not hire the guide service.


What to do in La Chorrera?


Walk to the Chiflón and practice rappelling and torrentism

Although it is not so big, it is equally beautiful and worth visiting. You can pass behind it behind the 40-meter water curtain. In this area there is also the photography bridge,  el Charco Natural, la Gruta del Señor de Los Milagros, restaurants, craft booths and groceries. Because of its height, it is ideal for practicing rappelling and torrentism.


Walk to La Chorrera

Clearly if you go to the Adventure Park La Chorrera , you have to get to La Chorrera . The place is simply amazing and there are no words that can describe it. The walk is about one hour and a half  per journey, but it's totally worth it.


Climb up to the Cave of the Monkeys

The truth is that the Cave of the Monkeys is not the name that would do justice to the place. When you get there, you wont find something similar to what the name suggests. There are no monkeys and it is not a cave, it is more like a rock roof where stalagmite figures of different shapes, it is also a point where you can get nice views of the park and also of Bogotá. The Cave of the Monkeys is on the way to La Chorrera.


To camp

You will also be able to camp in this beautiful site which is also an unforgettable experience, although the camping site is not exactly next to the waterfall, but next to the ticket office. The value per person for camping is 10,000 COP. Of course, you must take your own camping tent.

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Climb up to the Virgin of Guadalupe

This is a place almost hidden and that very few people know, but on the way to La Chorrera is a rise that goes up to the statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe and offers amazing views of the entire city of Bogotá. It is something that should not be missed.


Tips for visiting La Chorrera

  • Do not forget to take cash because in the Adventure Park La Chorrera and its surroundings do not  receive debit or credit cards.
  • Try to wear clothes that are waterproof preferably because the place is quite humid. The same with shoes, try to bring good tennis shoes or special trekking shoes.

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