How to get to the Santo del Ángel and the Cave of the Guacharos
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How to get to the Salto del angel and the Cave of the Guacharos

Miér, 24 julio 2019
How to get to the Salto del angel and the Cave of the Guacharos

The Salto del angel , is a beautiful and magnificent waterfall with a 50 meters fall  located near the municipality of Jardín in the department of Antioquia . It is called like that, because, seen from the front, the waterfall takes the form of an angel. Another attraction of this place is  that, at the base is a natural cave where bats and insects live.

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The Salto del angel  waterfall is one of the many waterfalls found in Antioquia , but without doubt it is one of the most beautiful ones. It is a place that invites you to rest, connect with nature and recover energy. So, if you visit Jardín , do not miss the experience of visiting Salto del angel waterfall and the Cave of the Guacharos.


How to get to Angel Hall?

The waterfall is located in the upper part of the La Salada gorge , on the sidewalk of the same name. This path is located about 5 kilometers from the urban center of the municipality of Jardín , so to get to Salto del angel, you must take a car to Alto del Cuchillón and from there walk approximately 60 minutes until you find the waterfall.

The road is signposted, so you should not worry about getting lost and in the municipality people can help you getting to the spot where you can get the transport to the waterfall. Another option is that you go to the Garden Tourism Office and there they will point the way and give you the necessary directions.

Another option is to hire a tour offered by various tour operators in the town. They are quite economical and include transportation, food and insurance. If you wish to leave by this means at the tourist office they will also give you information about this.

Now, you should know that, very close to Salto del angel is the Cueva de los Guacharos , approximately 20 minutes away and that it is worth knowing.


From the Salto del angel to the Cave of the Guacharos

The Cave of the Guacharos , is located in the north of the village of La Salada and it is a beautiful cave with a small waterfall that seems hidden in the middle of the mountains and is where the famous Guacharos live, some cave birds that inhabit these places. You should keep in mind that the Cueva de los Guacharos in Jardín and the Cueva de los Guacharos National Natural Park are totally different places, but although this cave is not a natural park it is still a beautiful place that you have to go to know if you are going to visit the Salto del angel waterfall


If you are going to hire a tour, make sure that it is an agency committed to responsible tourism and that it includes a visit to the Cave of the Guacharos.

Take care of nature and avoid leaving trash. Try to bring it back with you, since in the Holy Angel there is no place to deposit it, and be careful with the roads, as there are smooth steps and many slopes. For the rest, enjoy your visit to Angel Falls and the Cave of the Guacharos.

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