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  • The most beautiful cays in Colombia and be amazed by these wonders
The most beautiful cays in Colombia and be amazed by these wonders

The most beautiful cays in Colombia and be amazed by these wonders

2019-05-15 21:16:59

Among all the good and beautiful things that Colombia has throughout its national territory, the cays represent a small portion of the attractions that the country has. Although they are not as big as an island, they are defined as small sand formations with shallow beaches, that is, they are smaller islands.

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While they are not as famous, the cays are peaceful and beautiful places where it is possible to rest and relax to the fullest, as well as enjoying the landscapes and benefits they have for the ecosystem. Now we will tell you which are the most beautiful keys in Colombia and the ones you should visit if you have the opportunity.


Cays in Colombia


Crab cay

This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful keys in Colombia and the most visited by tourists as well. Everything is due to its natural beauty that fills the entire area with incredible colors and landscapes. It is located in the Old Providence Natural National Park McBBean Lagon on the Island of Providencia . Its name is due to the large number of crabs that can be found around and inside the land, but also its crystal blue waters invite you to dive and swim among different types of fish and coral species that make the experience unforgettable.


Johnny Cay

It is another of the most visited cays in Colombia and it is also the largest. It is very close to San Andres and it is common that many plans and tours on the island include a visit to this heavenly place. Its white sand and blue sea combine perfectly. Within this cay there is a natural pool that is very famous and visited by tourists. From all of San Andrés here one can feel more the Caribbean life and culture since its inhabitants speak English, French, Spanish and Creoles, besides being adepts to the Rastafarian culture. It is a place that you can not miss.


Aquarium Cay

Like the previous one, of the cays of Colombia , it is characterized because its sands are very white and make a beautiful contrast with the blue of the sea that seems to become one with the sky because its tonalities are almost the same. It owes its name to what looks like a large aquarium, from its shores it is possible to see hundreds of fish of all colors and sizes at a glance. There is a natural pool where you can swim in the company of several species of fish and it is also an ideal place to practice diving and admire the marine biodiversity life, also in the bowels of the island there is a reserve of iguanas that you can visit and contemplate in their natural habitat.


Cayos Serranilla, Roncador and Quitasueño

There are not only three but a fairly large set of cays from Colombia , which paradoxically are not in the country but in Nicaraguan water. These represent the farthest portion of land in Colombia, which makes your visit not so recurrent, however, these keys hide secrets and unimaginable stories, for example, one of these was an inspiration and appeared in the video game Assasins Creed IV: Black Flag, in another Beacon Cay, you can find military infrastructure; a base, houses and stores, which were used by the US Army during the Cuban Missile Crisis.


Cayo Bolívar

Cayo Bolivar is actually a sandy formation that is not very large, but it is one of the closest to San Andrés and in fact, on a clear day you can see the island with binoculars. In one of the cays that actually form Cayo Bolívar there is a base of the army and a lighthouse. Its landscape consists of large palms and shrubs that give a very Caribbean look to the place and make a spectacular scene with the sky and the blue of the sea. It is a place that invites you to rest and forget about everything else, however the strong wind and its waves make it an ideal place to practice some extreme sports such as surfing, windsurfing and katamarán.


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