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Natural attractions in Huila that you should know

Natural attractions in Huila that you should know

2019-08-25 00:20:54

The department of Huila , is an amazing destination in Colombia for the diversity of landscapes it has and the beauty of those contrasts that result thanks to the combination of the different ecosystems that are present throughout the Huilense territory. This time we invite you to get to know the different natural attractions in Huila so you can meet them all.

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Each of the destinations that we present below has characteristics that make it unique in the territory and are places that must be explored. Especially if you like the whole wave of ecotourism and natural destinations.

These are the best natural attractions in Huila

Puracé National Natural Park

The Puracé Park is one of the least explored territories and natural attractions in Huila , although this park is also located in the middle of the department of Cauca . It is a unique destination where you will not only find a wonderful, thick and almost virgin nature but a whole world that lives and breathes in there. On your visit to PNN Puracé you will have the opportunity to see waterfalls, lagoons, hot springs and the sighting of the magnificent Condor de los Andes, bird and national symbol.

Tatacoa Desert

The Desert of La Tatacoa , located in the municipality of Villavieja is another of the natural attractions in the Huila must-visit in the country, especially if it is the first time in Colombia . Its beauty lies in the incredible maze of rock formations that open before the eyes together with its ocher and orange colors that highlight the blue of the sky, or the blue of the sky enhances the colors of the desert, as you prefer, the magic is to travel it, Discover each of its magnificent points and sleep in one of the best places in Colombia to see the stars .

Cuevas de los Guacharos National Natural Park

The Cave of the Guacharos is another of the amazing destinations in Huila . Its name is due to the guacharos, some cave birds that live in this region of Colombia and were discovered by the biologist Alexander von Humboldt, but the attraction is not only made up of these birds, but, and above all, their incredible landscapes and caves where it is possible to do caving . This is undoubtedly one of the best natural attractions in Huila that you can find.

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Rivera Hot Springs

At the foot of the eastern ridge is one of the natural attractions in Huila, which seem to have been taken out of a fantasy. It is an oasis in the middle of the desert. It is located in the municipality of Rivera, and reaching them is very easy. You will enjoy the beautiful nature that will leave you speechless and at the same time you will give your body a rest and a deserved treatment thanks to the healing properties of the hot springs.

Snowy Park of Huila

Huila means in the language of the natives? Luminous mountain? and that is precisely due to the imposing Nevado del Huila that illuminates and is always present in the life of the Huilenses. It is one of the most important and most beautiful snow-capped peaks of Colombia and is an ideal destination for those who like mountaineering and admire amazing landscapes. This park houses a rich and very important diversity in fauna and flora.

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