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Official programming of the National Tourism Reign 2019 in Girardot

Official programming of the National Tourism Reign 2019 in Girardot

2019-10-02 17:40:12

Colombia is one of the most partying countries in the world, and the large number of fairs and festivals that exist in the country, prove it. Festivities to enjoy and celebrate, but more than that to honor the traditions and customs that make us a country, because one of the greatest attributes is that Colombia is a multicultural country, formed by the influence of hundreds of cultures, finally managing to build its own identity . Thus the National Reign of Tourism is part of all these celebrations that take place in the country.

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The 2019 version of the National Tourism Reign will take place from October 7 to 14 in the municipality of Girardot , located in the beautiful department of Cundinamarca . Keep reading and find out everything that the National Tourism Reign Programming has this year .

Programming of the National Tourism Reign

October 7

5:00 am? Dawn of the beginning of parties. Place: José Antonio Escandón Fairs Coliseum.

9:00 am ? Reception of the candidates. Place: El Dorado International Airport.

October 8th

10:00 am? Presentation before the Governor of Cundinamarca. Place: Hall of Governors of the Government of Cundinamarca.

1:00 pm ? Trip to Girardot.

8:00 pm ? Delivery of keys and imposition of bands and serenade to Girardot. Place: Bolívar Park.

October 9

7:00 am ? Girardot's birthday parade. Place: Bárbula Park in Alto de la Cruz.

11:00 am ? Press conference with the candidates. Place: Girardot headquarters hotel.

3:30 pm ? Informal parade of candidates. Place: Gloriera del Kennedy.

8:00 pm ? Gospel music concert. Place: Bolívar Park.

October 10th

9:00 am ? Beauty with a social sense. Place: Area of Pediatrics of the Junical Medical Clinic.

1:00 pm ? Acuagyr lunch. Place: Acuagyr treatment plant.

7:00 pm? Royal dinner La Bonga Restaurant Place.

October 11th

7:00 am ? The beauty committed to clean Colombia and Girardot to keep moving forward.

4:00 pm? Unicentro parade. Place: Unicentro Shopping Center.

8:00 pm ? Parade in swimsuit and fantasy? Landscape and Flora of Colombia ?. Las Olas Water Park place.

October 12 °

9:00 am ? Nautical Walk Departure: Puerto Maloca-Ricaurte.

4:30 pm ? Parade of floats and great cultural stop. Departure: Av. 40 on Cra. 10.

8:00 pm ? Amazing concert. Place: La Playa Lot.

October 13

9:00 am ? Take real. Place: Market Square.

3:00 pm ? Parade of old cars and great ride. Departure: Av. 40 on Cra. 10.

8:00 pm ? Evening of election and coronation. Place: Bolívar Park.

10:00 pm ? Cantinazo Place: La Playa Lot.

October 14th

7:00 am ? Breakfast in honor of the candidates. Place: Girarot headquarters hotel.

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