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Tips and recommendations to visit San Andres Islands in Colombia

Tips and recommendations to visit San Andres Islands in Colombia

2019-05-02 15:36:45

San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina , are three islands that form the archipelago that bears the same name. San Andrés is the largest of the three islands and is truly a paradise in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, and also San Andrés is one of the Biosphere Reserves in Colombia declared by UNESCO.

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San Andrés is a place you must visit at least once in your life . Its seas of seven colors, the fresh breeze that comes from the Caribbean, the joy of its people, its delicious flavors, the sound of reggae, calypso or Creole; One of its official languages together with Spanish and English, make the tourist who travels to San Andrés have an unforgettable experience.

San Andrés is the ideal place for a perfect vacation, which is why we leave you tips, advice and recommendations so you can enjoy San Andrés Islas to the fullest.


The recommendations you need to travel to San Andrés


  • The best months to travel to San Andrés are March, April and May because during these months you can enjoy the island with a lot of peace, but also correspond to the dry season months (remember that in Colombia there are no seasons, just periods during the year. The rainy season, which would be as close to winter, and dry season), and it is also low season for tourism, but even if you go on any other time of the year you can enjoy the island as well.
  • Every traveler who wants to visit the archipelago; Regardless of nationality, you must pay the tourist card to enter San Andres at the airport before boarding the plane. Its value is 109,000 COP. Children under 7 years of age and people who will be less than 24 hours on the island are exempt from payment. Save the receipt as this will be requested at the time of leaving the island.
  • There are times when the authorities at the airport can ask you to show them the address where you are staying or the hotel reservation, then make sure you have the information at hand in case they ask for it.
  • The official currency is the Colombian peso, however in most businesses and placesin San Andres you can pay with dollars or euros.
  • While there is a lot of hotel offerings in San Andres , it is best to look for your accommodation with time, especially if you travel in high season so you do not have to pay high prices or stay in the ugliest. The same goes for plane tickets to San Andres , generally good deals are found but with time.

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  • The easiest and cheapest option to transport in San Andrés is the bus, with which you can travel and reach all the points of interest on the island, however, if you want a more fun and out of the ordinary option you can rent a golf cart..
  • And finally, you go to a Caribbean paradise of sand, beach, breeze, sun and sea, so remember to pack your swimwear, sunscreen and other accessories such as glasses and hats to protect yourself from the sun.


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