Unique places in Antioquia that you did not expect to find
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Unique places in Antioquia that you did not expect to find

Miér, 24 julio 2019
Unique places in Antioquia that you did not expect to find

Next we present a selection of unique places in Antioquia that you must visit while passing through Medellín . They are places full of magic, charm and a lot of history. Special places that only exist in this department and without them your tourism step in Antioquia will be incomplete.

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It is true that there are many special places in this department, such as the beautiful magical towns of Antioquia , its incredible natural sites, and history. The important thing is that you know this places to visit in Antioquia , they are unique and wonderful.


These are the unique places in Antioquia


West Bridge

The Western Suspension Bridge is one of our first unique places in Antioquia , it was designed by the engineer José María Villa who also participated in the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. It is said that stepping on its wood is something that can not be forgotten and it is easy to imagine the reason, because the story it hides is very interesting and its design simply spectacular. It is located in the municipality of Santa Fe de Antioquia ; one of the Heritage Villages of Colombia , and up to this day it is the longest wooden bridge in America.


Cerro Tusa

The Cerro de Tusa has a perfectly triangular shape and has been named as the tallest natural pyramid in the world. It is located in the municipality of Venice and admiring it is an experience that will leave you speechless. Its bright green in which you can discover a thick natural layer lines up to create this spectacle for the eyes, seeing it from above is amazing, climbing it is even more, not only because of the beautiful views that you get from the top, but because of the mysteries that it contains. The silhouette of a woman's face appear on one of the immense rocks and it is known as the goddess of the mirror, and right in front of it you will see a large rock with stairs where it is believed that the natives of this place offered blood rituals to their gods.

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The Penol

Although it is one of the most famous on the list, it is still one of those unique places in Antioquia that must be visited . El Peñol is a huge monolithic located in the municipality of Guatapé , which in itself is surprising, but the most appealing feature is the view that you will get from the top to the immense artificial dam that was built by an energy company and for which the town was relocated, that is why you will see the tip of a church in the middle of the dam. From here there is no picture that comes out ugly and is one of the most instagramable places in Colombia.


Rio claro

The Río Claro Nature Reserve is a ridiculously stunning place near Medellín . Well, it is three hours away, but I say ridiculously because one does not imagine that a natural wonder such as this is near one of the main cities of Colombia. Anyway, this reserve is full of  great wildlife in which you can find a great variety of animal species and where the sounds of these replaces the noise of the city. Another of the impressive things that you will find here and that make it one of the unique places in Antioquia to know is the beautiful river so clear that it shows its natural marble floor . You can also enjoy the beautiful marble beach, caving and extreme sports activities.

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If you are a beach, breeze and sea lover, then you cannot miss this beautiful municipality of Antioquia ; among other things, the oldest in the department, known as the home of the Antioquia Sea. Visit Necoclí   It's like traveling to the Caribbean coast, because it is not only made up of freshwater beaches; or rather, less salty than those of northern coast of Colombia, but also for its exquisite cuisine that includes most of the typical dishes of the Colombian Caribbean region such as coconut rice, fried fish, plantain and seafood, among others . If you want to know unique places in Antioquia , then you cannot miss this one.

So you know, if you are going to travel to Medellin , do not forget to book a few days to visit some of the most beautiful places in Antioquia . Then, you can enter here and discover other routes and travel guides for tourism in Colombia.


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