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  • Where to dance in Santa Marta, the best bars and clubs to party.
Where to dance in Santa Marta, the best bars and clubs to party.

Where to dance in Santa Marta, the best bars and clubs to party.

2018-08-10 04:33:47

After a long day visiting the best places in the city, you just want a good spot to dance in Santa Marta. After a delicious dinner in one of the best restaurants, and before going to the dancefloor, you may want to open up the night with a beer, a cocktail or maybe a shot in any of the Incredibles bars in the Parque de Los Novios.

We know that there are not too many or big places to dance in Santa Marta, but the existing ones are worth it. The only rule here is to get carried away by the music and joy of the night and celebrate life, friendship, and love while dancing. It does not matter if you are an excellent dancer or, on the contrary, you are not that skilled.

There are places for all tastes and preferences; places where the music and rhythms fill the atmosphere with fun, joy, energy, and party. Now, take into account the following places if you want to spend an excellent night and not end up bored at a party, sitting all alone in the bar.


Perfect places to dance in Santa Marta


La Brisa Loca

On one hand, Brisa Loca is a comfortable hostel where you can spend some good nights. On the other hand, it is also an excellent place to dance in Santa Marta. The huge rooftop is arranged with nice chairs, beds, and a huge dancefloor that will be filled to the brim after 11:00 pm, and shows to the backpackers, traveling Colombians, and locals how the parties are in Santa Marta. On this terrace, you can enjoy the best relaxed, carefree atmosphere with the best Caribbean music: reggaeton, salsa, champeta, tropical music, and merengue. This place is not only perfect for its structure but also because it is the place where most foreigners go  dancing in Santa Marta.

Cover:   10.000 COP, but if you go before 11:00 pm then it cost 5.000 or cero.

Address: Cl. 14 #3-58


Oh la! La Puerta

Not only it is one of the best bars to dance in Santa Marta, but also one of the oldest. It has been in the city for years and its clientele do not decrease at all, on the contrary, it keeps growing. This place is preferred by locals and foreigners, and parties can become quite wild especially in peak season. It is the best example of an old house turned into a nightclub; it preserves all the original rooms, only now they are used for the purpose of enjoying and moving the body at the rhythm of the best Caribbean music. There are tables in the patio where you can sit and enjoy a delicious mojito with your friends, which by the way, are exceptional.

There is no air conditioning, but that is no excuse to have a great night in one of the best clubs in Santa Marta. Besides, its decoration is amazing; it is full of pictures with irreverent messages and inciters that invite you not to take life seriously and enjoy as if there were no tomorrow.

Cover: No.

Address: Cl 17 # 2-29.


La Azotea

A fancy version of Brisa Loca. It is a terrace with a lot of styles; parties can get out of control and it is always full of people, so at a certain time at night, they do not let anyone else get in to avoid it becoming overcrowded. The music is rather a crossover, mostly Colombian rhythms and it is usually more frequented by locals.

Cover: 10.000 COP.

Address: Cra. 3 #19-25.


Barbas Disco Bar

This is a very particular club. It looks quite normal on the outside but once you get inside, it is completely different; brick walls decorated with illuminated paintings that show a select gallery of famous bearded people like Abraham Lincoln, Ernest Hemingway, Rasputin and many more who are witnesses of the famous parties of this place.

There is a backyard with a centenarian tree with branches that look like barbas (beards), hence its name. At the beginning of the night soft music is played, so people can get comfortable, drink a cocktail and talk to each other, then, as the night goes on, the fiesta begins and it gets crowded; also you can go up to the terrace and have a great time too.  Do not worry, you don?t need a beard to get in, but there is a dress code. As long as you have a good attitude and enjoy crossover music, you cannot miss one of the best places to dance in Santa Marta.

Cover: 10.000 COP.

Address: Cl. 19 #3-09.


La Bodeguita Pirata

One of the newest spots in Santa Marta, however, it?s been a hit. Although it is a small place, it is where one of the best parties takes place. Tables are wooden barrels, Pirates of the Caribbean style, waiters and bartenders wear colorful flower shirts, and while you dance, they will serve you all the drinks you want so you can enjoy and party at the rhythm of the best Caribbean music.

Cover: No.

Address: Cl. 20 #3-16.