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  • 5 natural destinations in Santander that you will love and make come back
5 natural destinations in Santander that you will love and make come back

5 natural destinations in Santander that you will love and make come back

2019-11-26 16:16:12

Do you want to know which are the most amazing natural places and destinations in the department of Santander ? Keep reading and find the best five natural places of this destinations in Colombia that you will love and want to return, because if one of the things that this department is characterized by; Like all Colombia , it is for its unique destinations.

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These places are ideal for ecotourism in Colombia and have a total connection with nature. The beauty and importance of these places in Santander , will make you forget any concern to enjoy and enjoy every minute in each of them.

Top natural destinations in Santander

Chicamocha canyon

The Natural Park of Chicamocha ? PANACHI - is the inevitable destination to meet in the department of Santander . This impressive geographical accident is much deeper than the Colorado Canyon in the United States and has one of the best views in all of Colombia. Stand before him and let your eyes contemplate a long valley that is meandered by mountains and that seems to have no end. You can reach the Chicamocha Canyon , very easy from anywhere in Santander .

Quebrada Las Gachas

The Quebrada Las Gachas located in the municipality of Guadalupe is also known locally as the Caño Cristales de Santander , due to the great resemblance to this river in the Meta , because its stones have naturally taken a reddish color which in turn gives it Unique aspect to the water. The best of this place are its pools that also resemble a natural jacuzzi, so if you want to relax in a natural outdoor spa this is the ideal place.

Juan Curi waterfalls

Juan Curi Waterfalls is another imposing place in Santander that will make you feel alive in a truly magical way. It is a waterfall of more than 200 meters high, where the sound of nature is deafening in a beautiful and calming way. To finally reach these waterfalls you must follow an ecological path where you will cross other smaller waterfalls and beautiful landscapes. If you are a lover of extreme sports , in the Juan Curi Waterfalls you can practice torrentism. It is located on the road that leads from San Gil to Charalá.

The Table of Saints

Mesa de los Santos is another of the incredible natural places that you will find in Santander and that is visited by a large number of tourists. It is ideal for all types of travelers. Here you will find many activities to experience as extreme sports , the representation of a town of Santander, hiking and observation of the landscape, since from here you can see from another perspective the great Chicamocha Canyon and also the last station of the PANACHI cable car.

Indian Cave

And if you want to live, a unique and totally unforgettable experience, the Cueva del Indio is the perfect place. It owes its name to the archaeological remains found within it belonging to the Guane culture. From the beginning the visit is very adventurous, because to enter you have to slide along a 25 meter high cable. Then upon entering, the light and air begin to fade and a journey begins to the center of the earth where the landscapes are adorned by stalactites and stalagmites formed naturally over millions of years. The noise and song of the bats is the melody that will accompany you throughout the trip and new sensations that await you in the deepest part of the cave. This is a totally fascinating trip that you must do in Santander.

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