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Applications to travel, the most essential to download

Applications to travel, the most essential to download

2018-07-27 01:52:03

The applications for travel are part of that great explosion of mobile tools that we have at hand thanks to the advance of technology, which makes our life a little easier and gives us the possibility of having a lot of things in our pocket, by having a cell phone.


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Knowing what it means to travel, we wanted to help you in your next adventure and that's why here we bring you a list of the travel apps that should be on your phone before you get on the plane.


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Applications to travel that must have


1. Google Maps


The first of the travel apps that you must download is this (although for Android phones, it is installed by default), because it allows you to have several tools in one, in addition to the map and GPS mode , it shows you how to move around public transportation; what stop to get on, what route to take, where to get off. It shows you ATMs, restaurants, museums, banks, drugstores, cinemas, shopping centers and everything you want close to you.


It also has the possibility to indicate the places you have visited, the ones you want to visit and the ones you liked the most. It is possible to have the maps in offline mode , you just have to download them before leaving and that's it.


2. Google Translate


This app; also from Google , comes handy when we go to a place with a completly different language from ours or English. Quite useful for when you are at the train station and do not know where you need to go. Take a photo to the notice or what you want to translate and go, Google takes care of the rest.


This is one of the most essential travel applications for the simple fact that if we are not well informed we can easily get lost and who knows where we can end up.


Available for IOS and Android


3. Visit a City


This application is very cool because it shows you the monuments, museums, parks and all the places you must visit when you travel, it helps you to make a route depending on the places you choose and want to visit showing you the best route to reach each one of the sites; either on foot or by public transport, the estimated time that you delay to arrive and the time you can spend visiting each site, this way you will have your entire trip controlled and you will not be killing your head.


The App also shows you some predetermined tours, as well as info of the most famous paid tour of the place.


Available for IOS and Android.


4. Uber


While it is not exclusively one of the apps to travel alone, it will be very useful when you are in another place and do not want to grab a taxi. I think everyone knows how it works, right? So what I will say, is that while using Uber will be less likely to be scammed and overcharge, plus gives you the assurance that your things will return to you if you forget any in the car.


Available for IOS and Android


5. Kindle


There is no better travel companion and especially for the long waits; if you are not accompanied, you should read a good book. Generally I am one of those who prefers to read on paper than digital, but I must admit that it is very difficult to take 3, 4, 5 or more travel books. First for space and second because you will not want to pay for overweight. So with Kindle , you just have to have a phone to take a whole library everywhere.


Is it definitely one of the essential travel apps if you travel alone and if you do, we recommend these tips to travel alone and not fail in the attempt.


Available for IOS and Android


6. Wiffinity


It may be that having internet is not essential when traveling, but if you have it, it does not hurt and that's why Wiffinity comes here. An app that will allow you to have Wi-Fi in almost all places thanks to the contributions of other users, the app's circle member do not stop growing.


Available for IOS and Android.




This application has almost the same functionality of Google Maps with the exception that the app wins when it comes to specificity, because it shows you the maps in great detail. It is even possible to see the alleys, shortcuts and makeshift roads that do not see in the other.


It also allows you to download maps and use them in offline mode , as well as create routes and point to the places you want. This is a good option for those who do not want to get lost.


Available for IOS and Android.



The last one, within the most essential travel applications is XE , because money is a VERY IMPORTANT factor in the trip and it will allow you to do in seconds the correct coin conversions to know what amount you are spending and on what. have better control over silver.


The best thing about this app is that you do not need to be connected to the internet to make the conversions, although you need to be able to update the changes in the price of the currency.


Available for IOS and Android.


I am sure that you will find many more post with a list of travel aps as long as mom speech, that's why I have tried to select for you the applications to travel, that you will always use and especially that they will serve you a lot I just want to add; as a personal opinion, okay, it's very cool, the technological boom and all that, but it's always important not to abuse on the use of those applications and especially not to start depending on the phone to do everything, besides there's nothing like interacting with people and his culture. Having said that,


Over and out. Until next time.