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Discover what to do and what to visit in the Coffee Axis

Discover what to do and what to visit in the Coffee Axis

2021-05-06 14:29:33

Visiting, knowing and discovering the Coffee Region is one of the things that you must do yes or yes on your visit to Colombia . This region is full of culture, friendly people, colorful towns, incredible attractions, delicious food, and unforgettable traditions. All this framed in the Coffee Cultural Landscape , one of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity in Colombia.

The Coffee Axis is a destination to know from end to end, however, we know that this is not always possible due to different factors, therefore, below we present the 5 best plans to do and places to visit in this Colombian destination.

How to get to the Coffee Axis?

Getting to the Coffee Region is not difficult at all. You can do it by land or air from any city in Colombia to Manizales, Pereira or Armenia ; the capital cities of the Coffee Axis.

What to do and what to see in the Coffee Region?

Explore Salento and the Cocora Valley

Coffee Axis

Salento , located in the department of Quindío, is known for being one of the most beautiful towns in the Eje Cafetero but also, as the cradle of the wax palm; National Tree of Colombia. Walking its streets is a plan that you cannot stop doing, as well as visiting the impressive Cocora ; a beautiful valley full of green and crowned by the great wax palms.

Taste a delicious cup of coffee

Coffee Axis

Colombia is known throughout the world, among other things, for its coffee and of course there is no better place in the whole country to have a delicious cup than in the Coffee Axis ; triangle where the best coffee in the world is harvested and where you can live an unforgettable experience in some of the coffee farms that you can visit to learn everything about the coffee culture and, of course, taste a delicious cup of coffee.

Visit Los Nevados Natural Park

Coffee Axis

Los Nevados National Natural Park is one of the places in the Coffee Axis that offers the most exciting experiences. This park is home to the Nevados del Ruíz, Santa Isabel and Tolima. You will also find lagoons, frailejones forests and many more mysteries waiting to be discovered. One of the best places to know the snow in Colombia.

Bathing in the Hot Springs of Santa Rosa de Cabal

Coffee Axis

Santa Rosa de Cabal is a small town in the Coffee Region that houses one of the most impressive and beautiful hot springs in Colombia. In the Hot Springs of Santa Rosa de Cabal , you will find cold water waterfalls, hotel and thermal pools.


Cafeterp shaft

There is no better plan to do in the Eje Cafetero than to populate . This region of Colombia is full of colorful, beautiful municipalities full of culture and tradition such as Filandia, Pijao, Buenavista, Salamina, among others.

What is the best time to visit the Eje Cafetero?

The Coffee Axis is one of the destinations in Colombia that you can perfectly visit in any month of the year. However, the months of October and November are usually the rainiest. Also keep in mind to avoid the holiday seasons that are usually more crowded with tourists.