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Top of the best places to dive in Colombia

Top of the best places to dive in Colombia

2019-05-28 13:16:32

Colombia has the grace of being bathed by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, which translates into hundreds of paradises, ecosystems and marine landscapes as diverse as charming, so much so that it could be said that diving in Colombia is one of the must do things when visiting the country for the first time.

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And for those who believe that the wonders of Colombia are only on the surface, you are wrong, because this country is home to some of the most spectacular places to dive in the world. Everyone can dive in Colombia , both beginners as well as experts. Next, look at the top five of the best places to dive in Colombia.


Which are the best places to dive in Colombia?


1. Malpelo

Malpelo Island in the Colombian Pacific is the world capital of shark diving , to see the hammerhead and silky species, and depending on the time of year, you can also dive with whales in Colombia . Due to its rocky formation and the currents that are found here, only experienced divers are allowed in Malpelo, who report that here is one of the most incredible marine landscapes of the Colombian Pacific, thus, diving in the Pacific becomes an unforgettable experience, in addition that this is one of the Patrimonies of the Humanity by the Unesco from the 2006.

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2. Providence

Providencia , very close to San Andrés is an island that together with Santa Catalina form the only department in Colombia that is located in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. It is one of the favorite destinations to dive in Colombia , due to its blue waters with different color shades, for its super Caribbean environment and also for the enchanting landscapes that are under water, like the third largest barrier reef in the world, registered in the list of Unesco Biosphere Reserves . In addition you will see ships that were shipwrecked and confined to be at the bottom of the sea, and you can even swim across a statue of Poseidon.

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3. Taganga

Taganga is another of the ideal places to dive in Colombia , especially beginners. It is located 15 minutes from Santa Marta , and it is a very charming and picturesque place, being one of the favorite places to backpack in Colombia . In Taganga there are many diving schools and at any time of the year the experience of diving in Taganga is done around barracudas, giant groupers, nurse sharks, fish of all sizes and colors, and to increase the experience of diving in this place you can find beautiful coral reefs, sunken ships, underwater caves and incredible landscapes.


4. Gorgona Island

Another place to dive in the Pacific is Isla Gorgona , a small island that hides a dark history because it used to be the place where one of the most feared high security prisons in the country was located, today nature has taken the place and now the ruins are covered with green, and besides that, Isla Gorgona is another of the most popular destinations for diving in Colombia , since you can see a large number of marine and terrestrial species, as well as whale watching at certain times of the year. year. So in this place you will not only have the possibility of doing only one activity, but two, three and even four if you arrive on the right season of the year.


5. Capurgana

Capurgana is part of this top of the best places to dive in Colombia , it is a not very well known destination but with a large number of sites that there are to practice this sport: more than 30. This place is home of a magnificent coral reef that has been preserved intact because reaching it is difficult, so few can visit this wonder of nature. Located in the Colombian Pacific, Capurgana is an excellent option for diving.

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