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Graffiti Tour in Commune 13 of Medellín. Everything you need to know

Graffiti Tour in Commune 13 of Medellín. Everything you need to know

2019-08-02 16:39:25

The Graffiti Tour in the Commune 13 of Medellín has become one of the must-see activities to do for all the travelers who visit the capital of the department of Antioquia , and the reason why the Commune 13 has become so touristy, does not have to do with the beautiful graffiti that you find in their murals, but for all the meaning and history that these graffiti tell.

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Commune 13 in Medellín is a benchmark for social transformation, forgiveness, resilience and community empowerment. More than five years ago the neighborhoods that make up this commune were places that you could not enter without risking being docked or even losing your life, today thanks to the work of social and urban transformation that they started, they are presented as an example of With work, education and union you can live in peace and become a world reference.

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Art is the main means that Commune 13 has used to shape its past and move on to a new life. This is precisely what the Graffiti Tour of Commune 13 seeks to show. Here we tell you more about this excursion and what you need to know to do the Tour of Commune 13.

How to get to Commune 13?

Medellín has one of the best transport systems in the entire country. This is one of all the attractions that the city has, and thanks to this system, getting to Commune 13 is very simple.

At any point in the city enter the nearest metro station and take a train that goes in the direction of San Antonio, and there you just have to take the line that goes to San Javier , the station where you must get off and where it officially starts the Commune 13 of Medellín.

How to do the Graffiti Tour in Commune 13?

Medellín is divided by zones, which in turn are divided into communes and these into neighborhoods. The Commune 13 has approximately 27 neighborhoods, therefore, if you want to do the tour of the Commune 13 on your own, it is not recommended, and not because it is unsafe, but because you could easily get lost in the streets and alleys, and That would not be a very pleasant experience.

So, the best way to get to know commune 13 is to go on a tour , either free or paid. There are platforms that offer walking free tours through Commune 13 with guides that belong to the community itself, for the information you will receive from them comes first hand. In the end, you just have to tip it according to what you think of the tour. Mind you, there are some of them that have a base tip, so you should keep this in mind.

There are other tours paid for by Commune 13 that cost between 70,000 and 180,000 COP, and include transportation by subway and elevated subway, a snack that consists of eating delicious typical Medellin dishes and a cultural show.

What will you find in Commune 13?

In addition to the fabulous and beautiful graffiti that you will find throughout the Commune 13 that tell the story of forgiveness, healing, social denunciation and transformation, and that are the main attraction, you will also find other things that are witness to innovation and avant-garde in which Medellín is located .

One of these things is the famous escalators that are unique in the world for the purpose with which they were installed, and that is, to facilitate the transport of thousands of people living in this area.

Other of the artistic manifestations that you will find doing the Graffiti Tour for Commune 13 , is music, Hip Hop and Break Dance are some of these expressions that tell the story and the past of the commune. You will also find live Street Art Shows in different points of Commune 13.

Recommendations to do the Tour of the Commune 13

  • Wear tennis and comfortable and cool clothes as the Tour of Commune 13 is walking and lasts approximately four hours.
  • Bring water to hydrate, although along the way you will see shops and stores to buy.
  • You can take your camera or cell phone to take photos. It is a safe place, however, always stay with the group.
  • Put on sunscreen and wear a hat or cap to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Always heed the recommendations and suggestions of the guide.

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