Guide to visit the Chicamocha National Park in Santander.
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Guide to visit the Chicamocha National Park in Santander

Sáb, 12 marzo 2022
Guide to visit the Chicamocha National Park in Santander

The Chicamocha National Park , also known as PANACHI , hides one of the natural wonders of Colombia and the world: the Chicamocha Canyon , the second largest geographical accident of this type in the world, and even deeper than the famous Colorado Canyon in United States.

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The Chicamocha Canyon is incredible, majestic, spectacular and everything you can think of, and it may happen that all adjectives do not reach to describe this place. And in fact, it is so impressive that once, the Chicamocha , was part of the group to select the seven natural wonders of the world.

Now, although the Chicamocha Canyon is the main attraction of PANACHI and the entire department of Santander , in this place you can do many more activities that you can enjoy with this beautiful natural landscape in the background and thus, have an unforgettable Visit to the Chicamocha National Park.

How to get to Chicamocha Park?

PANACHI is located in the municipality of Aratoca 54 kilometers from Bucaramanga , the capital of Santander , so to know how to get to the Chicamocha Park , you must first be located either in Bucaramanga , San Gil or Bogotá.

Depending on where you leave, it's what you will pay for the ticket to get to Chicamocha . For example, from Bogotá to Bucaramanga , the ticket is from 80,000 COP and the trip takes approximately six hours.

From Bucaramanga to the Chicamocha Park , the ticket starts from 15,000 COP and the journey takes about an hour and a half. On the other hand, from San Gil the ticket costs 8,000 COP and lasts half the time.

What to do in the Chicamocha Park?

The Chicamocha National Park has everything to turn your day into an unforgettable experience. It has for all tastes and ages. The main activity to do in the park is, of course, to admire the greatness and importance of the Chicamocha Canyon , without doubt one of the most spectacular landscapes in all of Colombia with all its mountains crossed and the void that seems infinite.

Another of the unmissable activities to do in the Chicamocha National Park is to get on the Cable Car and admire the immensity of the park from another perspective. The Teleferico tour lasts approximately 30 minutes and during the journey you will enjoy tranquility and various incredible landscapes that are gradually discovered before your eyes. Just enjoy this unique ride.

Another attraction of the Chicamocha Park is the Swing of the end of the world and other extreme sports such as torrentism, paragliding, cable flying, buggy ride, goat and an immense water park ideal for the whole family.

As if that were not enough, Chicamocha has a skating rink, 4D cinema, virtual reality, an Ostrich and Paco's Farm, where you can be with different animals and feed them.

PANACHI ticket price and schedule

Generally the schedule of the Chicamocha National Park , so as of all its attractions goes from the morning hours, which can be eight, nine or ten, depending on the season, until six in the afternoon. In any case, before traveling, make sure the schedules so that you can better plan your visit to the Chicamocha Park.

Now, the park has several types of entry , which include certain attractions and not others. On this depends the price you are going to pay for your entrance ticket to Chicamocha.

The entrance to the Park costs 25,000 COP for adults and 18,000 COP for children and adults over 60 years. These same values are for the entrance to the Aquapark . To enter the park and be able to take the cable car ride you will have to pay 50,000 COP for adults, and 32,000 COP for children and seniors.

On the other hand, if you are only interested in the Park and the Acuaparque, the ticket costs 38,000 COP for adults and 32,000 COP for children and people over 60. But if you want the complete PANACHI combo, that is, entrance to the Park, Cable Car and Acuaparque, the ticket costs 58,000 COP for adults and 43,000 COP for children and over 60 years.

If you take your furry friend, you can enter the Park for free but you must pay a price of COP 10,500 to take him to the Teleferico.


  • To better enjoy Chicamocha Park, go with tennis, light, cool, and comfortable clothing in general, also try to wear and wear sunscreen, hat or cap, glasses and water so you stay hydrated.
  • Inside the Park there is a cashier service and in many places you can pay by debit or credit card.
  • There are also restaurants and points to eat and refresh yourself, which if you are not going to find it in Chicamocha , they are hotels for the night. If you want to do it, you should look for options in the nearby municipalities.
  • Remember to wear a swimsuit and change clothes if you plan to bathe and want to enjoy the Aquapark .
  • Inside the Park there are lockers and special spaces to store bags and suitcases.
  • Remember to follow the park's safety instructions, guides and operators of the different attractions of the Chicamocha National Park.

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