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How to get to Cerro del Santísimo in Floridablanca, Santander

How to get to Cerro del Santísimo in Floridablanca, Santander

2019-11-21 00:32:54

Santander is a beautiful department in Colombia that has many tourist attractions , all equally impressive and incredible. The Cerro del Santísimo Ecopark in the municipality of Floridablanca is an example of this. It owes its name to the impressive statue of the risen Jesus that measures 40 meters high, making it the largest sculpture in Colombia. From here you have access to one of the most incredible views of the entire city of Bucaramanga and Floridablanca and its beautiful landscapes. The Cerro del Santísimo is one of the wonders of Santander and passing through all of Colombia.

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Here we tell you how to get to the Cerro del Santísimo in Floridablanca , everything there is to do in the Ecopark and more information of your interest.

How to get to the Cerro del Santísimo Ecopark?

The municipality of Floridablanca is only 15 minutes from Bucaramanga , so reaching the Cerro del Santísimo is not very difficult. You can go by public transport or taxi. The trip takes about half an hour.

If you come from San Gil , you just have to take a bus to Bucaramanga and tell the coductor to leave you at the place called? Daddy do I want pineapple? and from there you can take a taxi to Hacienda La Esperanza.

Once in the municipality of Floridablanca , you must take a taxi , or you can even walk from the municipal park to get to the Hacienda La Esperanza , where the official route begins to reach the Santísimo Hill. Once at the hacienda, you must take a cable car that will take you on a 6-minute trip through beautiful landscapes to the Ecopark .

How much does the entrance to the Cerro del Santísimo cost?

Entrance fees to the Cerro del Santisimo Ecopark vary depending on age. For children over 2 years old up to a height of 1.40 cm, as well as adults over 60 years old, the value of the entrance to the Cerro del Santísimo is 12,000 COP.

For adults it has a price of 22,000 COP while for the entrance of pets to the Cerro del Santísimo you will have to pay a value of 5,500 COP. This same value is maintained to use the elevator to reach the viewpoint found in the statue of the Blessed Sacrament.

You have to keep in mind that the value of the ticket includes the route in the cable car and as such the entrance pass to the Ecoparque Cerro del Santísimo.

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What to do on the Cerro del Santísimo?

The Cerro del Santísimo is a place where you can do multiple activities around the landscape and the view so lush that this beautiful place offers. To start, you can enjoy a gastronomic tour of the various restaurants that are in place, and try all the Santa Delica delights, while eating the famous wafer, originally from this municipality and that you will surely love.

Another of the main activities to do is climb to the top of the sculpture of the Blessed Sacrament and enjoy the incredible panoramic view from where you can see the city of Bucaramanga , the municipalities of Floridablanca and Girón , and in general all the nature and reserve Natural surrounding this amazing place. This view is something that cannot be described. You will run out of words.

Another must-see in the Cerro del Santísimo is the light show in the multimedia source found in the Main Square. It is a show of lights and music that begins at six in the afternoon and through which you can learn more about the culture of Santander and some of its most beautiful landscapes.

In these places, many years ago was the facilities of the first brewery that Colombia had, founded by Peter Clausen, and where some of the most famous beers in the country such as Clausen beer, the Sun and Cola and Pola were made, between Other drinks Some structures like this are still standing, knowing this type of museum is another thing that there is to do in the Cerro del Santísimo.


To visit the Cerro del Santísimo , you should know that it is a modern site, therefore it has all the infrastructure and access for people with reduced mobility or who are in a wheelchair. There is also a nursing service and ATMs, so you should not worry if you do not carry enough cash.

What you should keep in mind is that at the end of the afternoon it starts to be very cold, so wearing a coat would not be bad, especially if you want to stay until the end of the day at the Ecopark .

Follow the safety recommendations of the Ecoparque Cerro del Santísimo , carry your cell phone and camera with enough load to take many photos and above all enjoy the beauty of this magnificent place.

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