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How to get to Laguna de la Cocha and Isla Corota in Tunja

How to get to Laguna de la Cocha and Isla Corota in Tunja

2019-02-19 14:24:50

The Laguna de la Cocha , classified and named as one of the wetlands in Colombia of international importance, is a beautiful place where peace, quite and a feeling of incomparable freedom invades the enviornment. In addition, it is the second largest of all the lagoons in Colombia after Lake Tota . There, in the middle of the lagoon is also Corota Island , a beautiful Wildlife and Flora Sanctuary where you can perceive a special energy that is capable of renewing you all.

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Legend says that Corota Island was a woman who was turned into an island because of jealousy and that the lagoon was created at this very moment when the water contained in a vessel was spilled. So, as you can see, it is a place that also hides fascinating stories and legends.

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Laguna de la Cocha and Isla Corota are places that you should visit if you are traveling in Colombia . Learn how to get to Laguna de la Cocha and everything you can see here.


How to get to Laguna de la Cocha and Isla Corota?


The Laguna de la Cocha is located in the village El Encano 20 kilometers away from Pasto. So to get to Laguna de la Cocha you must be in Pasto first, where you can get from several Colombian cities by land or by air. Everything is a matter of choosing the option that suits you best in time and money.

In Pasto you must take a direct bus to El Encano to reach Laguna de la Cocha . The trip takes about 20 minutes and the ticket costs around 5,000 COP. Once there, you are only a few steps away from the lagoon, and if you want to get to Isla Corota , you just have to go to the dock and pay the COP 40,000 fee for the round trip.


Interesting things to see in Laguna de la Cocha and Isla Corota


In Laguna de la Cocha , everything is absolutely interesting and worth seeing, from its history, to its incredible landscapes. Among the activities you can do is hiking, a boat tour, rainbow trout fishing, kayaking, camping, visit to the Sanctuary viewpoint which has an entrance fee of  2,500 COP and visiting the Chapel of the Virgin of Lourdes.

If you decide to go to Isla Corota , you will get to see the Puerto de El Encano which, due to its beauty and landscapes, resembles a small Venice. You can also go toe La Totora Trail , from which you can observe the reed aquatic ecosystem that surrounds the entire island. And of course, watch the fauna and flora of the place. 


Recommendations to go to Laguna de la Cocha


To go to the Laguna de la Cocha and Corota Island, it is best to bring warm clothing due to the low temperatures of the grass, and waterproof clothing because it is also a very humid and rainy place.

If you want to spend a night in this magical place, in El Encano and around the Laguna de la Cocha you will find excellent accommodation and food options. Please remember to bring cash to pay for food, lodging, transportation, souvenirs and anything else that you fancy

Finally, remember that this is a sacred place for life so remember not to pollute or throw garbage to maintain and protect the water.

In Pasto , you will also find one of the seven wonders of Colombia : the Sanctuary of Las Lajas , an extraordinary monument that you can not miss. Enter the blog and know everything we have for you.