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How to get to Los Katios Natural National Park and what to do

How to get to Los Katios Natural National Park and what to do

2019-10-30 12:37:07

Los Katios Natural Park is one of the few places that still remains a mystery, as it is one of the least explored parks in Colombia and it is said that much of it remains virgin. Visiting Los Katios is a plan suitable for the more adventurous because its thick nature and the condition of the soil makes it difficult for many explorers to explore their guts.

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The truth is that Los Katios Natural Park is a very special and beautiful place. It is a Natural Patrimony of Humanity by Unesco, thanks to the immense variety of registered fauna and water sources, which contributes to its regulation of the country and the world. It has a great variety of ecosystems and 30% of the birds existing in the country.

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So if you are a lover of exotic places and almost unknown, you can not miss the visit to Los Katios Natural Park. Next how to get there and what to do.

How to get to Los Katios?

Los Katios Natural Park is in the jurisdiction of the departments of Antioquia and Chocó , so you can reach this magnificent place from any of these two departments.

From Chocó, you can start from the municipalities of Quibdo or Ungía, taking a boat that takes approximately six hours to reach Los Katios . You should keep in mind that the trip is only done by day because of the characteristics of the boats and they leave at very early in the morning.

On the other hand, from Antioquia you can reach Los Katios Park from Apartadó or Turbo , the latter being the closest municipality to the park. Here you can take boats that will take you to the entrance of Los Katios in less than two hours of travel.

What to do in Los Katios Natural Park?

Los Katios Natural Park is an incredible place to be in touch with nature and do 100% ecotourism and cultural recognition activities . The first thing is to enjoy and dare to discover some of the hundreds of waterfalls found in the park, which are truly beautiful and represent the park's greatest attraction. The highest waterfall reaches 100 meters.

Due to this, it is possible to perform various extreme water sports such as boating, diving and sport fishing in Colombia.

Also, during your stay in Los Katios you can dedicate yourself to sighting wildlife , especially birds, amphibians and reptiles, as this park has one of the highest concentrations of species in all of Colombia. Some animals that you can observe during your stay here are the dantas, foxes, red lions, white eagles, howler monkeys, pumas and manatees, among others.

Another thing you can do is interact and live with the indigenous communities of Emebera and Kuna, which will teach you about their culture, customs and talk to you about the importance of this place as well as a bit of its history and the Katio tribe. , which inhabited this area and where the name of the park comes from.

One of the points of interest of Los Katios Park, the marshes of Tumaradó and Saltos de Tilupo and Tendal . However, the most fascinating activity to do in this park is to walk and be amazed by the incredible landscapes where the green, and that together with large trees, rocks, formations and waterfalls create paintings that are not easy to forget.


To visit Los Katios Natural Park it is best to go light luggage and with the necessary, that is, comfortable and cool clothes, boots or shoes suitable for trekking, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, medications to control allergic reactions, enough hydration and food ready to eat and easy to transport.

There is no accommodation in the park. We recommend sleeping in one of the surrounding towns that offer accommodation in cabins or hammocks.

It is essential to be vaccinated against yellow fever and tetanus, and not to travel through the forests or rivers after six in the afternoon, because at this time it is common for all kinds of species to begin to emerge, among which many are poisonous and dangerous .

The most important recommendation during your visit to Los Katios is that you remember to be a responsible tourist and do not contaminate water sources or leave debris inside the park.

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* Image taken from the cover taken from PNN Los Katios.