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How to get to Marsella in Risaralda and everything you can do

How to get to Marsella in Risaralda and everything you can do

2019-02-18 04:51:09

Marsella, sounds like an exquisite melody for the ears and in fact it is also for the eyes and all the senses. Marsella , located in the department of Risaralda is one of the 14 municipalities that make up this beautiful department and together with Caldas and Quindío make up the Coffee Region; one of the most visited areas of the country and that thanks to the wonderfull landscapes and the extraordinary culture are part of the list of Intangible Heritage of Humanity by Unesco.

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Marsella is one of the most picturesque and best preserved municipalities in the department, which is why your experience here will be very pleasant. To know how to get to Marsella and what to do while you are here, keep read and do not miss anything.

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How to get to Marsella?

Marsella is located 30 kilometers away from the capital of the department of Risaralda , so you just have to go to the Pereira Transport Terminal and for 5,000 COP buy the ticket for direct bus from Pereira to Marsella . This journey lasts approximately one and a half hours.


What to do in Marsella?

Marsella is known as the green capital of Colombia, due to its landscapes with mountains and hundreds of trees that make it look completely green, so visiting them is one of the many activities you will find to do in Marsella.

One of the unmissable things to visit in Marsella is the Plaza de Bolívar and the María Inmaculada Church , which together form the postcard of the city, but it is also the first place where you will arrive, as in any town , life revolves around the square and here of course is not the exception, with the exception that here both the square and the church have hundreds of exquisit details that will steel your sight for several minutes.

The House of Culture , located on a corner, with its unmistakable architecture and color, is another place you can not miss, it is an old three-floor building that once housed the Sacred Heart College. In its many exhibition halls there are many old pieces that tell the history of the municipality and much more.

And if you want, a truly amazing place, then take a walk around the Cemetery of Marsella, it's an amazing place with a design is out of the ordinary, first of all because it combines several architectural styles and second because of its Roman style terraces, reminiscent of the hanging gardens of Babylon.

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The Botanical Garden Alejandro Humbolt , offers a large collection of fauna and flora, so it is another place that can not be missed in the beautiful municipality of Marsella , also inside of it, is the Science and Technology Park, which is quite interesting.

And if you want more, you can lose yourself among its incredible streets and admire the beauty of all its colonial houses.

If you want to get to know other magical places in the Coffee Axis besides Marsella , you also have the beautiful municipality of Filandia and the Valle del Cocorahome of the highest palm trees in the world. Enter the blog and check everything we have for you.