Official Programming Festival of Lights 2019 in Villa de Leyva.
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Official Programming Festival of Lights 2019 in Villa de Leyva

Vie, 15 noviembre 2019
Official Programming Festival of Lights 2019 in Villa de Leyva

The Festival of Lights is a beautiful and symbolic celebration that takes place in the month of December in the municipality of Villa de Leyva . This year 2019 the Festival of Lights performs its 33rd version and runs from December 6 to 8.

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This festival is celebrated in the framework of the night of the candles, a party that takes place the day before the Immaculate Conception, so during this month and especially for this holiday, the streets of Villa de Leyva are filled with thousands of incandescent lights during the night to illuminate and enhance the beauty of one of the Heritage Villages of Colombia.

The main attraction of the Festival of Lights , is the pyrotechnic games show that takes place in the Plaza Mayor and where the creators of the best artisanal dusters in the country meet and create a unique show in the sky that keeps in vilo and With eyes wide open to all its spectators who do not want to miss a second of such wonder. As every year the Festival of Lights is packed with a large and varied programming. Below you will find the official programming of this 2019 .

Official Programming Festival of Lights 2019

Friday, December 6 - Children's Night

4:00 pm

Choir Leyvanitos singers 35 min

Ammonite Choir

Voces de la Villa Choir (adults)

8:00 pm

Piromusical Show Children's Night Presentation

The Cowboy Dusting? Piro Musical Children's Night

The Clover Dusting? Simijaca

Zuluaga Commercial Powder

Dusting The Festival? Samaca

Dusty Lara? Chiquinquirá

?9:00 pm

Folk Group Elena Cortez Music Llanera

?10:00 pm

Musical Presentation Window of Memories

Saturday, December 7 - Youth Day

4:00 pm

Villa de Leyva Youth Symphony Band

8:00 pm

Pyrotechnic Games Presentation

The Cowboy Dusting? Pyromusical

El Grillo Dusting? Cali

Dusty Lara? Chiquinquirá

Dusting Epicol? Chiquinquirá

El Boyacense Dusting? Tunja

9:00 pm

Musical Show by the Dance Group of Comestibles Ricos SA? Super Rich

9:30 pm

Diamond, Enzee and Nano group presentation

10:00 pm

Presentation of the Subachoque Veterans Band

10:45 pm

Artistic Presentation Maiz Keéj and his orchestra Manigua Colombia

? Sunday December 8 - Adult Night

5:00 pm

Samples School of Music Santa María de Leyva? Traditional Music by Maestro Jorge Bolívar and Tomas Vanegas? Traditional Music

8:00 pm

Presentation Pyrotechnic Games accompanied by the Soprano Paola Camacho

Cowboy Dusting? Musical Piro

El Grillo Dusting? Cali

Dusty Lara? Chiquinquirá

The Clover Dusting? Simijaca

Dusting Epicol? Chiquinquirá

Hoffman Dusting? Bogota

Dusting Light Effect? Bogota

Art and Fire Dusting? Bogota

9:00 pm ? 9:30 pm

Tribute to the? Colombian Air Force? FAC

10:00 pm

Musical performance


  • Keep in mind that the light show is a gunpowder show so you have to take the necessary precautions to avoid an accident. Likewise, the Mayor's Office of Villa de Leyva warns that these events are not recommended for asthmatic people, with cardiovascular and / or respiratory diseases.
  • As with any party in the city, the number of people there will be a lot, so it is better that you go only with what is necessary and take care of your personal belongings and documents.
  • Follow the recommendations of the municipal authorities and all the staff of the Festival of Lights in Villa de Leyva to avoid any inconvenience and / or accident.

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