These are some of the fairs and parties that are held in La Guajira.
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These are some of the fairs and parties that are held in La Guajira

These are some of the fairs and parties that are held in La Guajira

Vie, 27 septiembre 2019
These are some of the fairs and parties that are held in La Guajira

La Guajira is a department of a very large cultural wealth, due to the mixture and influences of various cultures such as Arabic, African, Spanish and of course the indigenous, taking into account that this is the territory of the Wayuu culture.

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All that multiculturalism enjoyed by La Guajira ; and of course the whole Colombian territory, it can be evidenced, in the fairs and parties that are celebrated in this department, which are many. Indeed, they are celebrations that seek to celebrate their beliefs, customs, origins and everything that represents them. Here we bring you a selection of the best fairs and parties held in La Guajira.

Celebrating in La Guajira

National and International Dividivi Festival

The Dividivi is a symbolic tree of La Guajira , since it can only be seen in this department and it is characterized because it resists the harsh climatic conditions of this department. In addition, this ancestral tree has been used by the old Indians to prepare medicines and its fruit is used to work the leather. This festival is celebrated between the last days of June and the month of August. There are dances, contests, shows, concerts and much more.

Accordion Cradle Festival

The Accordion Cradle Festival held in the municipality of Villanueva is the most important vallenato festival in the department, and the second most prestigious of the vallenatos festivals held in the country. During this festival there are several contestants aspiring to take the titles of kings in each of the available categories. It is celebrated in the month of September of each year and is an excellent option for those lovers of this musical genre or for those who want to know it.

Wayuu Culture Festival

This is undoubtedly the best and most important celebration that takes place throughout the territory of La Guajira . It takes during the month of August in Uribia ; the indigenous capital of Colombia, and in it all the Wayuus families from all over the department congregate, and even the indigenous people of this ethnicity who live in the state of Zulia in Venezuela arrive. This festival is an ideal opportunity for you to tie yourself and get to know everything about this interesting indigenous culture, because in this festival all aspects that are important for the culture are present.

Feast of Our Lady of Remedies

This party is celebrated during the day of Our Lady of Remedies in Riohacha , the capital of La Guajira . It is a party originated in the Catholic tradition, but it is very dear and special to the Guajiros, because they say she saved them from the fury of the sea. He is so special that he is affectionately called the "Old Mello". During this celebration families gather, share stories, some of the typical dishes of their cuisine and all livened up with a chirrinchi drink.

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