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Tips to travel cheap anywhere you want

Tips to travel cheap anywhere you want

2019-04-22 20:15:52

Many people mistakenly believe that you have to have a lot of money to be able to travel to other cities or even to other countries, however, the experience and the thousands of facilities and alternatives found today thanks to technology show that if it is possible to travel cheaply to any country or place that you aim.

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Is just a matter of wanting travel, and the rest is ready since you can find many ways to save and travel cheaply . Continue reading and discover these tips for traveling cheaply .


Follow these tips if you want to travel cheap


Plan ahead

This is very important if you want to travel cheap , because by planning ahead , you can buy cheaper tickets than buying them with little time befor the trip. While there are also some recommendations and tips to buy low-priced tickets and travel cheaply , the most important thing is to buy them several months in advance.


Stay in a hostel

If you think it's a joke, then I want to say no, it's not. Forget everything you know or have heard so far about hostels. If you really want to travel cheap , a hostel is a perfect option, not only cheap, but also because they are clean, for all ages, and in most cases they are nice places, some include breakfast and you have the option to choose a share room with other people, which is the cheapest option, or take a private room, which is not as cheap as the first option, this is when comparing prices with hotels. In addition, in the hostels you can meet many more travelers with whom you can interact and make friends.

Now, if  you are looking to save as much as you can on your trip, there is a social network called Couchsurfing, in which, diverse people, offer a sofa, a bed or a free bunk so that travelers can pass the night there without paying a single peso.


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Avoid restaurants

Not only because this way you save a lot, but because many times restaurants offer you inflated prices for flavors or products that do not do justice to the true gastronomy of the place. If you are in cheap travel mode, the cheapest option for you is to go to a supermarket and buy food so you can prepare it yourself if you stay in a house or hostel. Now, if you do not want or do not have time to cook, or want to eat the local food, I recommend you go to the street, to the squares or local markets, I assure you that you will find delicious food, with true local flavor and at a great price. If you're worried that street food is going to make you feel bad, here's another tip, look for the food stalls that are full of people. If they are full it is because the food is good and wont make you sick.


Pack light

Carry only what you need, in a backpack that is easy to carry, so you save a lot of money paying taxis to transport your luggage. One way to travel cheap is to get mobilized by public transport and this means from the moment you arrive, because airports are usually outside cities and those rides end up being the most expensive in a taxi.


Use local phone cards

The roaming service of telephone companies is very expensive abroad. So if you want to travel cheaply, one way to save money is to buy the SIM card from a national company in the country where you are going to be, in the case of international travel. You can find these cards in the same airport when you arrive, but even here, they are expensive, it is best to wait a bit and go to a local store or business where they sell this SIM cards and they will come out much cheaper.


Acquire local subway card or transportation system

In cities where there is an underground subway, elevated metro, transmetro, tram or its equivalent, it offers people who travel recursively cards with discounts that include a certain number of trips or even unlimited trips for at a certain time. Another way to save money for cheap travel is by acquiring tourist cards that not only include tickets to the most important attractions or museums but also is valid to travel in the transportation system. However, in this regard, it is advisable to select the places you want to visit and if they are included in the pass, this way you will know if it is convenient to acquire one or not.


And now what do you say? Ready for your next adventure? If you want to discover more of this beautiful country, we invite you not to get any of our Colombian travel guides entering here .