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Tourism in Amazonas. Discover the Colombian jungle

Tourism in Amazonas. Discover the Colombian jungle

The Colombian Amazon is a perfect destination for those who want to experience nature in a way they have never done it before, or for those who want to do something different and enjoy the biodiversity of our country.

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To think in the Amazon is to think of  ecotourism in Colombia . This small portion of Colombian paradise is an incredible place that invites you to get lost in it, with its mysticism and particular energy that fills with vigor and energy anyone who dares to travel its precious and blessed lands.

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If you are thinking of visiting the Amazon , here is a list of the best activities you can do.

Tourism in the Amazon


Visit Leticia and Puerto Nariño


Leticia is the capital of the department of Amazonas , it is a city on the edge of the largest river in the world, and it is also the meeting point of the borders between Colombia, Brazil and Peru. Puerto Nariño, on the other hand, is a small municipality and one of the must-visits in the Amazon . Puerto Nariño will haunt you, because the whole municipality looks like a huge natural park with beautiful postcards and landscapes.

Go into the natural parks

The Amazon is a privileged place for nature, in fact, wherever you are, you can feel and observe the imposing, magical, lush and friendly nature, however there are some protected areas called natural national parks where you can have unforgettable experiences, among the best are the Amacayacu National Natural Park , the Marasha Natural Reserve , and the Mundo Amazónico Ecological Park.

Observe the fauna and flora


The Amazon is the largest nature sanctuary in the world, here unique shows are organized every day so that visitors leave with pleasant and unforgettable experiences to tell, an essential part of this is the richness of fauna and flora that can be observe, particularly the pink dolphins and black alligators are the most striking. For birdwatchers, the Amazon is also an ideal place for bird sightings in Colombia , not only because of the variety and amount of spaces that live here, but also because of the migratory ones that greatly increase the number.

Share with indigenous communities

In the Amazon there are a total of 28 indigenous reserves; taking into account that there are communities that prefer to live in isolation, the number would increase, which implies a rich cultural diversity, full of traditions and ancestral wisdom maintained to honor the history and magic of this paradise in the Colombian Amazon , so if you are here give yourself the honor of sharing with one of these communities and learn about their teachings and crafts, which also are beautiful.

Practice extreme sports


And for those who prefer strong emotions, the Amazon is a perfect setting to practice a number of extreme sports and activities that you can only live here, for example, in the Amacayacu Park, there is a suspension bridge 60 meters high between two trees and then descends in rappel.

So what do you say? Ready for your next adventure in the Colombian Amazon? If you want to discover more of this beautiful country, we invite you not to miss any of our Colombian travel guides entering here .