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Typical Chocó dishes, what to eat to enjoy its rich gastronomy

Typical Chocó dishes, what to eat to enjoy its rich gastronomy

2019-10-22 13:20:39

Trying the different typical dishes of the cities and places we visit is a whole plan that requires time, investment and a lot of openness, because it is about knowing the place, region or department through taste, and for that you have to be open to Try new flavors, textures, colors and smells, however, this is one of the activities that I particularly enjoy in my travels. El Chocó For its part, it has to offer a great variety of combinations that are very delicious.

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Below we show you a list with five typical Chocó dishes so you know what you can't stop eating so you can enjoy this exotic Colombian cuisine.

Five typical Chocó dishes that you should try

Cheese soup

To start enjoying the cuisine of Chocó , this cheese soup is an excellent option to take as a starter or as a light dish. It is a soup with lots of cheese, pasta and potatoes that is seasoned with garlic, onion and a bucket of chicken broth. Some versions throw tomato, but personally, the one that does not carry tomato is the richest.

Nailed rice

Rice is one of the most consumed foods in the Colombian Pacific, so it is not uncommon that in this region of the country, you have a wide variety of rice prepared in any way. Chocó is no exception and nailed rice is one of the most consumed dishes in this department, and also one of the richest . Its preparation consists of putting the rice to toast for a few minutes and when it has reached this level, water is added until it dries and then small cheese cubes are split and it is thrown, in this way the rice is taking the flavor of the cheese and by the action of the heat of the rice, the cheese begins to melt producing a unique and rich sensation in the mouth.

Fried fish

As in the Caribbean coast of Colombia, fried fish is another of the dishes that are inevitable in its cuisine , the great difference with the Pacific is that other species such as Bocachico, Bardudo, Foforro and Sabalo are used here. The companions are the same as in the Caribbean: coconut rice, salad and fried patacones.

Corn rice with river shrimp

This is another of the richest typical dishes of Chocó that you can try on your trip to this department. The main ingredient is corn, which has to be ground to get the juice and then use it in rice. In the end when everything is ready, stir it with the river shrimp. All this combination of ingredients gives rice a special texture and unique flavor that will be like a party for your taste buds.


Another of the typical dishes that you can not miss on your list of what to eat in Chocó is jujú, which is armed with fried green banana and cheese balls very popular in this department, and also very rich too. They are perfect to eat as an entrance or as a snack between meals.

The typical Chocó drinks

In Chocó there is also a great variety of juices and drinks typical of this department that you can not miss, either to refresh yourself or to accompany with any of the typical dishes that we exposed to you before.

Some of the typical Chocó drinks that you should try are borojo juice, cassava juice, coconut milk chocolate, lulo juice and the famous viche, a typical artisanal alcoholic drink throughout the Pacific that is obtained from start from sugarcane before ripening.

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