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What to do in San Andrés. The most beautiful island of Colombia

2019-02-20 13:02:54

The Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina is one of the most beautiful places in Colombia and certainly the Caribbean. In San Andres you do not worry about work or obligations, but just about enjoying life to the fullest in the most beautiful island of Colombia, contemplating beautiful landscapes.

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San Andres has everything to become an unforgettable destination for vacations and in fact it is visited by thousands of foreigners every year, attracted by the sea of seven colors, the white sands, the perfect sunsets, the most incredible landscapes, the most beautiful people and the best Caribbean environment.

So, if you are thinking of visiting San Andrés you should know that to enter the island you must pay a tourist card that costs 110,000 COP, this to control the density of the population on the island and in this way the local government guarantees that there is infrastructure for tourism. Now, if San Andrés is your next destination, stay here and we'll tell you everything you need to know and the activities to do in San Andrés.


What to do in San Andrés?


The Seaflower, a Biosphere Reserve declared by Unesco, as an important place for marine life is in San Andrés. It is a beautiful place that amazes with the colors that come from marine life, as well as all its diversity and where you can bathe in natural pools created by the waves that spit on the rocks or practice activities such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, jetski and diving .

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You can not miss the opportunity to visit Johnny Cay , a small island where the boat seems to be levitating because of its clear waters that will blow your mind with its beauty.

Another unmissable activity here is swimming among stingrays, snorkeling and diving among the hundreds of coral reefs found on the island, because in fact, San Andrés has one of the largest coral reefs in the world, so do not miss the opportunity to know San Andrés underwater.

Visit the Pirate Morgan cave, another attraction that you can not miss, it is said that here the most feared pirate in the area kept his treasures, and that even today, there are descendants of the pirate inside the cave. Do you want to know if it's true? Visit San Andrés and discover it.

The famous Blow Hole located at the southern tip of the island is another place that attracts visitors to have the experience of seeing the huge and impressive columns of water gushing out of the hole when the tide is high.

And for nothing in the world can you miss the exquisite San Andres cuisine, and dance to the best reggae music rhythm in the hundreds of clubs you'll find all over the island. And if you want to go around the island on your own you can rent a golf cart to see the whole island paying an average price of 100,000 COP.

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