How to get to Guatapé Complete guide with budget, routes, and tips
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How to get to Guatapé Complete guide with budget, routes, and tips

Mar, 4 abril 2023
How to get to Guatapé Complete guide with budget, routes, and tips

Guatapé is a little town near Medellin. It is fascinating and has become one of the most visited places by tourists who arrive in this part of the country. Guatapé consists of hundreds of houses decorated with zócalos, which give the town a colorful and bright appearance.

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Even if one of the most tourist attractions in Guatapé is El Peñol, a 200 meters gigantic stone, the truth is that people can go to Guatapé and find another kind of attractions that are as attractive and fascinating as El Peñol. A clear example is the dam, which was artificially built after a flood that almost wiped out most of the town.

In fact, Guatapé is a must go destination in Colombia and it cannot be cast aside from you plans if you come to the country. Besides, it is really easy to get to Guatapé.

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How to get to Guatapé?


To begin with, you have to get to Medellín. So, firstly, you have to take a bus or a plane to Medellín.  Once you are there, you have to get to the north bus station (Terminal de Transportes del Norte) where you can take the bus going to Guatapé. The bus ticket costs 13.500 COP. The trip lasts around two hours.

If you are only interestedin going to El Peñol, then you shall tell the bus driver to let you know when you get there since it is located at the entrance of Guatapé; however, if you want to visit the town, then do not get off in El Peñol and leave your visit to it for the end.


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What to do in Guatapé?


1. The Quebrada Encantada

You would want to visit this place if you go toGuatapé. As its name implies, it is a lovely place of quartz rocks. You get there by taking a 35 minutes boat trip or throughout a forest trail.


2. The Isla de la Fantasía

The Isla de la Fantasía is an eco-touristic project in Guatapé located in the middle of the damp; after a 10-minute boat trip, you will find some cabins, restaurants, a bar, an auditorium, a humid zone, and different areas for camping and water sports.


3. Recreational Park ?La Culebra?

If you are in Guatapé, this is also an ecological place to visit. It has beautiful trails and wide fauna and flora as well as the big dam where you can practice water sports. In addition, there are children attractions, restaurants, cafeterias, and BBQ booths.


4. El Malecón

This is another favorite touristic places in Guatapé, you will find many activities to do there. On one hand, you can fascinate with its wonderful landscapes, and on the other hand, you will find a harbor where you can rent kayaks, jet-ski, sea bicycles, sailboats, as well as going all over the lake in a boat with a bar included. Definitely, one wonderful way of enjoying El Malecón.


5. Nuestra Señora del Carmen Church

Next, going away from the water, you can visit the Nuestra Señora del Carmen Church in Guatapé, an iconic symbol for the local people.


6. Calle de Los Enamorados (Lovers? Street)

This beautiful street in Guatapé preserves the romantic style of colonial times and it is decorated with cute hanging plants. This street is located in front of the Malecón and you will enjoy going around and spend some time there. An excellent plan in Guatapé.


7. La Calle del Recuerdo

This street in Guatapé is a precise reproduction of a street flooded a long time ago.  Beautiful houses decorated with the famous zócalos can be found across the length and breadth of this street. These houses with these pretty zócalos are like canvases where local inhabitants have captured and portrayed their history and life experiences.


8. Casa Museo

This museum is located in the Calle del Recuerdo. It is a fascinating visit to do in Guatapé since you will learn more about the history of the town and also lets you know more about the paisa culture. Entrance is free.


9. El Peñol

Finally, right? To get to El Peñol in Guatapé you have to take a public transport bus from El Malecón that costs 2.000 COP and it leaves you right in front of the gigantic rock. The trip lasts around 10 minutes.

The entrance fee to El Peñol is 18.000 COP either for national and international visitors. Now the only thing is to climb the 740 steps to get the top of it. As you might have imagined, climbing to the top is quite demanding, but once you start to behold the magnificent scenery you will realize that the climbing is really worth it.

Now that you are in part of the country, you could continue visiting the Reserva de Río Claro; an amazing natural area between Medellin and Bogotá. Then you can get to the Cocora Valley, and then Caño Cristales, the most beautiful river in the world.  If you want to know another guides and tips about traveling throughout Colombia, you can click here.


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