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  • How to get to Isla Malpelo, the paradise to dive with sharks in Colombia
How to get to Isla Malpelo, the paradise to dive with sharks in Colombia

How to get to Isla Malpelo, the paradise to dive with sharks in Colombia

2019-05-15 16:15:33

Some time ago I read in a mural in Taganga a phrase that said you can travel by air as many times as you want and as high as you want to reach the stars but if you want to know 70% of the world, you have to immerse yourself, and I think that this phrase is perfect to describe Isla Malpelo . Apparently this place is a pile of arid rocks that it is impossible to access, but below the water, it is an amazing paradise of corals, reefs, fish, sharks of all colors, sizes and shapes, an experience that you can hardly imagine.

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Malpelo Island is a Wildlife Sanctuary located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in the department of Valle del Cauca and has received several awards worldwide as the one  by the AICA in 2005 declaring the Malpelo Island an area of importance for the Conservation of Birds . It is also a Natural World Heritage Site by Unesco and a Global Oceanic Refuge since 2017, among others. In fact, Malpelo is the ninth largest protected area in the world. Such titles mean that Malpelo Island is a unique destination in the world worth visiting.

Next I tell you how to get to Malpelo Island and some special recommendations for your visit.


How to get to Malpelo Island?


To get to Malpelo Island you have to hire a tour with one of the agencies that are authorized to do this trip, and the only way to get to Malpelo Island is through one of the three cruises that leave from the port of Buenaventura to there .

The trip to Isla Malpelo on a cruise lasts approximately 30 to 40 hours. The cost of the package to Isla Malpelo is approximately 6,500,000 COP. These packages are usually for several days and include cabin on the cruise, food, drinks, certified guide, diving equipment and transportation, among other things.


What to do in Malpelo Island?


Isla Malpelo is known for being the world capital of shark diving, because here it is possible to swim with hundreds of hammerhead sharks and whale sharks. What makes Malpelo Island an unforgettable destination for lovers of this sport.

But in addition to diving with sharks in Malpelo , you can also admire the marine life and, of course , bird watching , in this part of the Pacific.


Special recommendations for Malpelo Island


  • Due to the currents that occur there, you must have experience and have taken a diving course, this means that it is not possible to dive in Malpelo without certification , as it is not allowed and the members of National Natural Parks verify that information before leaving for the island.
  • Isla Malpelo is a protected area , therefore it is up to you to take care of it and avoid carrying harmful elements that may harm or damage marine ecosystems such as sprays, cleaning elements, plastics, detergents, etc.
  • You can not enter Isla Malpelo alcoholic beverages, piscoactive substances and weapons.
  • If you want to see hammerhead sharks, the best time to dive in Malpelo is from January to May. Silky sharks can be seen from May to July and whale sharks from July to September. Of course, at any time of year it is possible to see three species of sharks swimming in different sizes.
  • You must be vaccinated against yellow fever and tetanus, even if you are not required to show the certificate upon entry.

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