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How to get to the Mundo Amazónico Ecological Park and what to do

How to get to the Mundo Amazónico Ecological Park and what to do

The Colombian Amazon has many incredible places and places to meet, explore and dream, and one of those places is the Amazonian World Ecological Park , which is like being in the jungle without entering it, a park that contains all the Amazon rainforest is a little over 26 hectares, which is impressive.

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The Mundo Amazónico Ecological Park is an excellent plan for everyone who travels to Leticia , however, for those who for one reason or another can not go to the true Amazon rainforest, which would be ideal, in this place has everything for you Get a general idea of how the Amazon is . If you want to know how to get to the Mundo Amazónico Park and what you can do there, read on.


How to get to the Mundo Amazónico Ecological Park?


The Mundo Amazónico Park is located at Km 7 via the Ziora Amena indigenous community , that is the only rural road, so it is difficult for one to get lost. It is located about 15 minutes from the city center and to get to the Mundo Amazónico Park from Leticia , you can take a public transport in the city or take a tour to Mundo Amazónico directly with them. The prices are very accessible, they pick you up at the hotel and it includes transport, entrance and guide.


What to do in the Mundo Amazónico Ecological Park?


The Mundo Amazónico Park is the first and only center of ethno-botany and environmental interpretation center of the Amazon. It is a space to know, learn and experience the life of the Amazon. The park has several routes for hiking with a low level of demand so that all family members can do it. Each of these routes leads to the different attractions of the park.

On the one hand, there is the Botanical Garden where you can meet endemic medicinal plants of the department. There is also an Aquarium that has the first collection of fish for environmental education of the Amazon. There are more than 40 native species and in the tour you can also listen to regional legends that include many of these fish.

There is another route where you can immerse yourself in the Amazon rainforest and enjoy contact with nature in its natural state, observing different species of fauna and flora. This hike has a slightly higher level of complexity so it is not recommended for children.

In the Mundo Amazónico Park , there is also a Cultural Villa that you definitely can not miss, because it is a small-scale representation of the indigenous cultural tradition. There you will see three types of malokas from three different tribes, you will learn about their legends, customs and also the possibility of feeling an indigenous and use the different tools that these communities use today like bow and arrow, and darts with blowguns .

The Mundo Amazónico Park has its own restaurant in which they sell the typical dishes of the Amazon and at a very good price, so you can not stop to have a meal in this place. Something very good about the journey, is that you will be able to eat the fruits of the trees and refresh yourself.

The park offers various plans that include hiking, bird watching and lunch for a few hours or full day, you decide and choose the one that suits you best. There is also a night plan and all the prices as I have already told you are very cheap, so there is no excuse to know this excellent place.

Now, you can go to enjoy this wonderful natural scenery and other unique experiences that you can experience while you are sightseeing in the Amazon . Not before, without considering these tips and an idea of the budget you need for your trip.