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The best beaches in La Guajira to dive and enjoy

The best beaches in La Guajira to dive and enjoy

2019-09-13 01:31:56

Bathing on some of the beaches in La Guajira is one of the richest and most delicious plans in this unique department in Colombia , especially for the paradisiacal landscapes that together with the beaches form a spectacular set, worth admiring and photographing.

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In La Guajira you will find many beaches that represent the best of Colombia and the Caribbean , moreover, two beaches in La Guajira were ranked by the Canadian Flight Network portal in the top 50 in South America in 2018. Next, know what are the best beaches in La Guajira.

Prettiest beaches in La Guajira


With its white sand and crystal clear waters, the Mayapo beach is one of the most beautiful and closest beaches in La Guajira , since it is located 20 minutes from Riohacha , and constitutes a tourist attraction for the visitors and visitors who arrive every Day to this beautiful apartment in northern Colombia. This beach is perfect to relax and enjoy the waters of the Caribbean Sea.


Palomino , located in the municipality of Dibulla , in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta , is one of the most beautiful destinations , like few in Colombia. It synchronizes its landscapes where the sea, the river, the sun and the jungle coexist in perfect harmony, arouses many sensations to the senses, especially the eyes. Palomino is also one of the best backpackers destinations in Colombia and its beaches are perfect for surfing.

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Cabo de la Vela

Cabo de la Vela has another of the best beaches in La Guajira, ideal to know and enjoy an excellent vacation. The blue color of its waters contrasts dramatically with the orange of the desert. One of the most beautiful places in Cabo de la Vela is the Pilón and the beach of Ojo del Agua.

Punta Gallinas

At the northernmost tip of Colombia, is Punta Gallinas , one of the most spectacular places to meet in the country and La Guajira . This place offers you a total disconnection, a unique contact with nature, beautiful landscapes and the best beaches in La Guajira. The waters of this are turquoise and in some places you can see the beautiful pink flamingos that live in La Guajira all year. Punta Gallinas is also one of the best places to see the stars in Colombia.

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