What are and where are the best beaches in Colombia
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What are and where are the best beaches in Colombia

Jue, 4 mayo 2023
What are and where are the best beaches in Colombia


Beaches with crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, dreamy beaches where nature has reached its maximum splendor and the feelings of happiness and emotion overwhelm our lives. So are some of the best beaches in Colombia . Natural paradises that you have to know if you are traveling through Colombia.

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Next, know which and where are some of the best in Colombia.


The best beaches in Colombia


Cayo Bolivar - San Andrés and Providencia

Its waters are transparent, but at the same time you can notice the different shades of blues and greens that take over the sky and the reefs, something that makes it totally wonderful. Its main attraction is the lighthouse in the highest area and a post of the Colombian National Navy. San Andrés, perhaps because it is in the middle of the sea, everything on the island breathes a Caribbean atmosphere. It is perfect for an unforgettable vacation.

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Cabo San Juan de Guía - Santa Marta, Tayrona Park

One of the best beaches in Colombia , is in one of the most spectacular parks in Colombia . Cabo San Juan, is perhaps one of the most visited beaches of Santa Marta and the Caribbean coast, in addition to the beauty and grandeur of Tayrona Park , on this beach you can enjoy the sea for its calm waves and its coral area where you can appreciate many marine species. Its sea is transparent, allowing easy viewing of marine life.

One of the great attractions is the cabin that is located on the top of a small hill in the middle of Cabo San Juan and from where you can have a spectacular view of the entire beach, in addition to the magnificent photos that can be taken from here. To complete the experience, you can camp here.

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White beach - Cartagena, Isla Barú

Its beaches are almost untouched, since it is an area that has become a tourist recently, it is surrounded by a lot of vegetation and a turquoise blue sea. These and other reasons have led it to take possession as one of the favorite destinations by the sea and some of the best beaches in Colombia.

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Punta Gallinas - La Guajira

Punta Gallinas , recognized as the point located in the far north of Colombia and South America, has a sea that goes out of normal and becomes almost extraordinary. It has two bays called Taroa and Hondita that are surrounded by mangroves. The best of these landscapes of La Guajira , is the contrast that makes its deep blue sea with the desert of an intense yellow color where you can find rancherias and enjoy the landscape from a hammock.

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Johny Cay - San Andrés and Providencia

At the other end of San Andrés, is Johny Cay, another of the best beaches in Colombia , and you will also be amazed by its white sand and crystal clear waters that make this a heavenly place. It is ideal to rest or walk. One of the biggest attractions are the small wells that form the corals and where you can enjoy the sea.


Archipelago of San Bernardo - Gulf of Morrosquillo, between Bolívar and Sucre

This is a fascinating corner of Colombia and you definitely have to know. The San Bernardo Archipelago has beautiful islands; among them Islote de San Cruz, known for being the most overpopulated island in the world, colorful waters that make you crazy and a hostel on the water. Among all the islands of the archipelago are Isla Múcura and Isla Tintipán , where one of the attractions is to do the plankton tour, which consists of seeing small algae that shine at night with the movement of the water creating a fluorescent effect in the sea.


Capurganá - Choco

From the beautiful Caribbean Sea, we pass to the splendid Pacific Ocean on the other side of Colombia. Capurganá is a small town that is practically on the edge of the border with Panama, and ultimately it is a place of paradisiacal scenery, where cliffs, coral bays and crystal clear waters intermingle. Among its jewels are the Pool of the Gods, a natural scenario formed between rocks where you can snorkel, the Cascada del Cielo with its waterfalls between the forest and the bay of Sapzurro, with dreamy scenarios. Without a doubt, another of the best beaches in Colombia.

If you are traveling through Colombia, know what are the plans that you can not stop doing , among which you can visit the UNESCO World Heritage monuments. If you like history you can not miss visiting the oldest cities in Colombia , or you can also travel the liberating route . And if you are traveling alone in Colombia do not worry, here are excellent places for you.


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