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  • Colombian beaches perfect for an escape. Travels that renew
Colombian beaches perfect for an escape. Travels that renew

Colombian beaches perfect for an escape. Travels that renew

2018-10-12 02:32:19

At the sea life is more tasty, says a famous saying, and not only tasty, it relaxes you, it renews you, the moments are prettier and they fill you with lots of vitamin. The beaches of Santa Marta are very famous to rest and relax, but they are not the only beaches of Colombia perfect for this plan.

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Since this week of recess, we bring you the perfect beaches of Colombia to rest and recharge with new energies, why?

Relax and rest in these beaches of Colombia

Cabo de la Vela - La Guajira


This is one of the most impressive landscapes that Colombia has, combining desert landscapes with the beautiful waters of the Caribbean Sea. Getting to Cabo de la Vela is very easy and it is also a very affordable destination. Thanks to its position in the northernmost point of the country, this place is perfect for resting. Since you are here, you can go to Punta Gallinas and surely you will be surprised much more with more desert, dunes, landscapes and of course more of the beautiful beaches of Colombia.


In Nuquí, you will find other of the ideal beaches of Colombia to lie down in the sand, relax and let the breaking waves take away the worries and tension of the men. Besides that you can do kayaking, diving, snorkeling, torrentism and ecological hiking. This destination is also very famous for the arrival of humpback whales  between the months of June and November, so if you can not miss the opportunity to attend this magnificent show.

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Jhonny Cay - San Andrés

Jhonny Cay is one of the beaches in Colombia that are out of this world. When you are there your eyes will not be able to believe so much beauty. This is one of the perfect places to observe the sea of seven colors. This is a perfect place to lie on the sand, enjoy the scenery, read, sleep, taste some of their typical dishes or simply live the moment, which means, do nothing.

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The Tayrona-Santa Marta

In all the territory that makes up Tayrona Park , there are hundreds of beaches, many of them; especially the Cabo San Juan de Guía , cataloged as the most beautiful beaches of Colombia. The important thing is that you have different ways of getting to the Tayrona Park , and everywhere you go you will enjoy beautiful landscapes and the crystal clear waters that bathe its coasts. In this natural park; Known as one of the most spectacular parks of the National Natural Parks of Colombia , you will be able to really connect with nature and experience a great feeling of rest and relaxation.

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