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Fascinating places for sightseeing in La Guajira

Fascinating places for sightseeing in La Guajira

2019-09-03 01:15:21

La Guajira is one of the 32 departments of Colombia . It is located in the north end of the country, and its territory is made up of amazing places and landscapes, full of life and in which you will live unforgettable moments.

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Tourism in La Guajira is defined by the words adventure, nature and an impressive cultural wealth, because here, specifically the municipality of Uribía, has the title of being the indigenous capital of Colombia. If you want to live an experience of the other world in Colombia , this destination cannot be left out of your plans. Here we tell you what are the places you should visit in La Guajira.

Tourism in La Guajira


Palomino is a small and beautiful little town by the sea and right in the shade of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta . Palomino is one of the best backpacking destinations and an ideal place to enjoy and rest from the noise and stress of the city. This place is characterized by its hostels, restaurants and wooden constructions, in the best artisan style. Some of its greatest attractions is the union of the river with the sea and its beautiful green landscapes.

Los Flamencos Nature and Wildlife Reserve

The Natural Reserve of Fauna and Flora Los Flamencos is another of the best destinations and places you can visit in La Guajira . This is an ideal place for the practice of ecotourism in Colombia and for the observation of fauna and flora, especially to admire beautiful flamingo bands that with their pink color adorn the spectacular landscape of this place.

Cabo de la Vela

Cabo de la Vela is another magnificent place in La Guajira. In fact, it is one of the most famous among tourists and it is easy to know why, the contrast of its desert landscapes with the turquoise blue of the sea, make it a heavenly place. Among the most prominent are the Sugar Pylon and of course, each of its beaches.

Punta Gallinas

And the experience of the tour to Cabo de la Vela , has to be completed with a trip to Punta Gallinas ; one of the most beautiful places in Colombia . Punta Gallinas North most extreme of Colombia and South America, Here the sea ends and the continent begins, or Colombia ends and the sea begins, as you want to see, but what we will agree is that this trip to Punta Gallinas in La Guajira will be in the top 10 of the best trips made in your entire life. The Dunes of Taroa , the Lighthouse and its beaches are just some of the places you are going to visit here.

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Manaure salt flats

Manaure is another municipality of La Guajira that you can not miss. Its main attraction is salt hills as white as snow that creates a unique visual effect. Here you will also find a beautiful beach of pink water, and on the other side blue as the sky.

These are not the only wonderful places that you will see in La Guajira , you will also find Maicao . Discover in this link all the beautiful places you have to discover in Colombia.