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  • Guide visit Bahia Honda in La Guajira How to get there and what to do?
Guide visit Bahia Honda in La Guajira How to get there and what to do?

Guide visit Bahia Honda in La Guajira How to get there and what to do?

2019-09-05 22:29:02

La Guajira is an apartment full of incredible and magnificent places to know, apart from Cabo de la Vela and Punta Gallinas , one can find hundreds of small paradises that enjoy unparalleled beauty. One of these is Bahia Honda , an oasis in the middle of the desert, which breathes tranquility and beauty that overwhelms.

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Bahía Honda is one of the must-see places when you are in La Guajira . This place combines the best of this unique department in Colombia , combining in a masterful way, the yellow of the desert and the different shades of green of the Caribbean Sea, in addition to the arid ecosystem that characterizes this department, with a beautiful vegetation around Bahia Honda . We are sure that you will love this place as much as we do, so get ready that we tell you how to get to Bahía Honda and everything you have to keep in mind.

How to get to Bahia Honda?

To get to Bahia Honda you must first be in Riohacha , capital of La Guajira since this is the center from where all the transport leaves to go to the different tourist destinations in the department. From Santa Marta you can take a direct bus to Riohacha that takes three and a half hours and the ticket costs approximately 25,000 COP.

Then in Riohacha , you must take a transport to Uribia, where you will finally take a jeep-type car to the municipality of Nazareth where Bahía Honda is located. This journey can take you up to eight hours, as it is a path of trails, where you have to be careful, which makes the trip a bit awkward, but in the end it will be worth it. Everything is part of the adventure.

What to do in Bahia Honda?

In Bahia Honda you will rest and enjoy the landscape mainly. They are just over ten kilometers long that you have to enjoy the vast landscape that opens to your eyes, to contemplate the different colors of the Caribbean Sea, the cliffs and mountains that fall into the sea and create an ecstasy for the eyes that you will not to forget even if you try with all your strength.

Bahia Honda is a place to feel privileged and understand all the beauty and diversity in the world, especially a place to meet oneself through nature and enjoy adventure sports such as Kitesurfing.

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  • In Bahia Honda there are no hotels, or hostels with all the comforts of luxury, it is a super adventurous trip, as far as it goes, which is done in some rich and comfortable chinchorros or hammocks arranged in the typical ranches of La Guajira.
  • As mentioned before this destination is an adventure trip, so do not expect the luxury and comfort you are used to on your travels; If you are one of those, but be sure that the landscape you will see at the end will be worth it and you will want to return a second and even a third time.
  • The temperatures in La Guajira are very extreme where you can reach 45 degrees in the day and three degrees at night, so be prepared with very cool clothes so you don't die of heat, but also warm clothes for the night, also try to wear Repellent, blocker, lots of water, flashlight, a small emergency kit in case you get a headache or allergy.
  • Because the road to Nazareth and Bahia Honda is done by trails without any signs or life miles away, it is best to go with people from the area and know the roads for your safety. You can hire a tour from Riohacha all inclusive or hire one in Uribia making sure they take you and bring you.
  • The best season to travel to Bahia Honda is during the dry season in Colombia , since during the rainy season, the journey can take up to two days for the continuous stops that have to be made at different points to wait for the water to pass and that the road hardens a little, because it makes a lot of mud, making the car can not pass or get stuck.

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