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How to get to Garzón in El Huila and what to do

How to get to Garzón in El Huila and what to do

2019-08-30 02:24:13

The municipality of Garzón , is one of the most beautiful villages in Huila and one of the places you can not miss, when you visit this department. Garzón is known for being the diocesan capital of Huila , because here the diocese of Huilense was located for the first time, making this city a benchmark for religious tourism in Colombia.

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Garzón has a unique colonial-type infrastructure, in which its impressive churches of different architectural styles and an unparalleled beauty stand out. The best thing about visiting Garzón is that it is a municipality not well known, so its details can be appreciated much more. Another aspect is that its people are very friendly and warm. Keep reading if you want to find out how to get to Garzón and what to do.

How to get to Garzón?

Garzón is located 114 kilometers from Neiva , the capital of the department of Huila , so the easiest way to get to Garzón is by going to the Neiva Transportation Terminal and take a direct bus to the municipality that goes from 16,000 COP and Travel time is approximately two hours.

You can also get to Garzón from Bogotá , taking a bus that takes around 7 and a half hours and the ticket costs 57,000 COP. If you are in another city in Colombia you should find out at the transport center if buses leave for Garzón or Neiva.

What to do in Garzón?

Thanks to the wealth that the municipality has there are many activities you can do in Garzón , starting with religious tourism; and although you are not, it is worth knowing these impressive churches such as the Cathedral , the temples of Our Lady of the Rosary and San José de Nazaret.

In Garzón you also find beautiful natural destinations where you can enjoy ecotourism and discover the fauna and flora characteristic of the municipality. The Agro Parque Loma Chata , the Suaza River Valley , the Cerro Páramo de Miraflores Natural Park and the Bridal and Las Damas waterfalls , are just some of these beautiful places. You also have the possibility to meet beautiful farms and ecotourism farms.

The gastronomic offer of Garzón is part of another of the plans and activities to do in this municipality, where one finds restaurants ready to delight all palates offering the best of Huilense cuisine.

Paicol , Rivera Hot Springs , Betania Dam , San Agustin Archaeological Park , Cueva de los Guacharos Natural Park and La Tatacoa Desert are some of the other wonderful places you can meet in Huila . In our blog , you will find many places in Colombia to discover.