How to get to Jardín, Antioquia, what to do and what to see
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How to get to Jardín, Antioquia, what to do and what to see

Miér, 16 junio 2021
How to get to Jardín, Antioquia, what to do and what to see

The municipality of Jardín in Antioquia , is a beautiful town named as the most beautiful in Antioquia, thanks to its colonial-style houses; which although they are not exactly of this historical period because the town is barely more than 150 years old, it was thought in this style, and for its typical multicolored balconies embellished with different types of plants and flowers. Jardin is not only one of the most beautiful villages in Antioquia , but also belongs to the network of Heritage Villages of Colombia.

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Visiting Jardin in Antioquia , is to be surrounded by pure beauty and pleasant things; in fact its name was given because it looks like a beautiful garden as the ones colonial houses use to have, for sure you will not be disappointed. Keep reading and find out how to get to Jardín, what to do and what to see in this beautiful magical town.


How to get to Jardín?

To get to this beautiful municipality you can take a direct bus from Medellín for a cost of 26,000 COP. The trip takes approximately three hours depending on the traffic and the weather.

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You can also get directly to Jardín from other municipalities from Antioquia , it all depends on where you are, otherwise it will have to  get to Medellín first and then to Jardín . You should keep in mind that buses to Jardín leave at certain times during the day, for example, the first one leaves at approximately 4:45 am and the last one at 18:30.


What to do in Jardín?

This town is full of hundreds of cultural, historical and natural attractions, in fact the entire municipality is a jewel in itself and every corner of it deserves to be seen and photographed, so you have got things and activities to do in Jardín.

First, you must start with the main square that with its colorful tables and chairs brighten the landscape and the life of the locals who, from an early age, sit here to enjoy a good cup of coffee while they chat, play and laugh. At the bottom of the square is its imposing church that with its neoclassical art steals all eyes. Seeing it from the inside is much more impressive, so don't miss the opportunity to do it.

Nearby there is the Clara Rojas Museum , which has nothing to do with the former politician kidnapped, it contains various old objects, woven paintings, photographs and much more that tell about the tradition and history of Garden.

Other things to do in Jardín is to take the funicular and go up to the Mirador de Cristo Rey from where you can see the whole town and the valley and appreciate the most beautiful sunsets in the department of Antioquia.

Even if you are not a lover of bird watching in Colombia , you must go to the Gallito de Roca Natural Park to observe the bird of the same name that among other things is the national bird of Peru and is in danger of extinction. These birds are beautiful, because they have the middle of their body coloured of  a bright red and the other half is dyed with an intense black and gray. It is not only its fur that makes it beautiful, but its vain personality and its singing and dancing done to attract the female. 


What else to do in Jardín?

Other natural attractions that make up the quota of places to visit are the Cueva del Esplendor, Cueva de los Guácharos and el Salto del Ángel ; an impressive waterfall.

If you want something different you can visit the different Trucheras in Antioquia like La Algeria or Montemar, or do some of the famous tourist routes in this municipality such as the Coffee Route or the Route of the Artisans , where you can get crafts to take as a souvenir.

Entering here you can know other routes and destinations to know Colombia.

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